ZenMount Tablet/Camera Mount Review! [KickStarter]


For those of you looking for a sturdy and stable tablet/camera mount for your Android tablet or camera/DSLR, definitely check out the ZenMount.  This is currently an item on KickStarter and I got to try one of the early prototypes thanks to James Lin, one of the founders.

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried a device like this though, I actually own two Manfrotto Magic Arms, which I use with my camera/DSLR exclusively for making my YouTube videos.  Well, after trying the ZenMount, I am convinced that it is indeed better than the Magic Arm.  It’s just as sturdy/stable as my Magic Arm yet it does not have two arms!  Instead, the ZenMount has just one arm that has the ability to extend.  This makes it much better device since you can get the same angles as Magic Arm without the arms protruding in places you don’t want, which is the only complain with my Magic Arms.

Okay, so does it work well?

Yes, I own a bunch of cheaper tablet mounts, they are actually great for mounting if you don’t need to type.  If you actually need to use your tablet, they shake like there’s no tomorrow.  In other words, it’s not a viable option for regular tablet addicts who want to type or play games on it all day.  In comparison, ZenMount solves those problems and also can get you into many different angles.   Best of all, it’s easy to use, you simply get the ZenMount in the angle you want then simply turn the control knob in clockwise direction.  After that, everything gets locked solid like a rock.  In fact, you can even hook up your heavy DSLR gear, I was able to mount my Canon 7D with Sigma 18-35mm lens just fine, and ZenMount is rated to hold up  8 pounds max.

The build quality is very good also, it’s made mostly from hard, stainless steel that’s going to last you a lifetime.  Of course, since this is a KickStarter project, the project needs more backers for it to become reality.  But I do see the ZenMount taking over the world soon, many professionals who use tablets at work and photographers/videographers will appreciate this.  So, if you need one of these or feel like supporting one of the best products that’s coming up, definitely check out ZenMount’s KickStarter page and back the project.

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