How to Beat Swing Copters with Rooted Android!

For those of you frustrated with the new Swing Copters game (by the developers of Flappy Bird), you probably want to get a score higher than 1 or 2.

This game has been designed to frustrate the users and basically will make you feel horrible playing the game.  Well, there’s a way to fix this easily with a rooted Android smartphone or tablet.

First, you will need to your Android smartphone or tablet, see our How to Root Android page first and root your Android device.

Step 1. Once rooted, grab Trickster Mod app from the Play Store.  This app will allow you to manually set your CPU frequencies.



Step 2. Also install and open Swing Copters game BEFORE you change frequencies.  This is because starting a game with graphics may require higher CPU power.


Step 3. Next open up Trickster MOD app and make sure “Kernel Settings” is checked OFF.  This is so if your Android device gets stuck on lower frequencies, you can reboot and get your default settings back.



Step 4. Next go to the General tab.



Step 5.  Set the Min and Max frequencies to the lowest possible.  On my Nexus S, my lowest was 100Mhz.  Also, you can set “Frequency Lock” ON if you are having trouble setting the frequency.  Make sure you hit the check icon at top-right to apply these settings.



Step 6. Next go ahead and use your Recents to switch back to Swing Copters game.



Step 7. Now you should be able to play Swing Copters at 2-5 times slower than its normal speed, the speed which “should” be at for normal people.

Using this method, I was able to easily get a score of 28, my high score for Swing Copters.  Yey!  No need to be frustrated every again!  This should also work on many other games like Flappy Bird and more…



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Max Lee

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