How to Download/Install Play Store 4.0.25!

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Google has announced earlier today that the new Play Store 4.0, specifically 4.0.25, is being pushed out to all Android devices starting today.

That may take couple hours or even few weeks depending on the Android device you have but if you don’t want to wait, simply go ahead and download the APK file below and install on any Android device, no root required!

Download Play Store 4.0.25

What’s new with the new Play Store 4.0?

The whole UI has been revamped with blend of white, grey, and green, I kinda like the new look, it’s cleaner and a lot easier to browse.

For apps, you will find more categories including new sections like Play Picks and also “Recommended for You” section for almost every category of apps.

Also, for Movies & TV, it’s much better organized on the new Play Store 4.0.25 with New Movie Releases followed by categories recommended based on your movie purchases.

Overall, the new design on the Play Store 4.0 looks much simpler and easier to navigate than before.

Find anything else new?

Go ahead, try it for yourself today and do let us know any cool easter eggs you find, I bet there are some since it’s still April.

Having trouble with the new Play Store 4.0?

You can revert back to 3.10.14 by downloading and installing this APK:

Download Play Store 3.10.14

17 Responses

  1. jacob nicoll says:

    Says cant open file on ATT s3 with synergy rom?

  2. rfb813 says:

    Works for me on ATT S3 and S2.

  3. luisfer says:

    3.10.14 apk cann tbe install, i already download it a couple of time already, tried installing it via ES file explorer and normal way. Still unable to install it

  4. lee says:

    Will it be an over the air update. Or do I have to download it.

  5. Will M says:

    4.0.25 is working perfectly fine for me. On Tmo Note II.

  6. luke says:

    Is anyone else unable to load downloadandroidrom,com?

  7. HeathaB says:


  8. Robin P says:

    Thanks Max! This is great.

  9. paresh joshi says:

    I have downloaded it. I try to install but it says application with same signature exists. Installation failed . Plz h

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