How to Get FREE Note 9 Fortnite Skin & FREE Invites for Samsung Android!

In this video, I am going to show you how to get FREE Galaxy Note 9 Fortnite Skin(when it becomes available) & FREE invites by changing your device ID to Galaxy Note 9 on any rooted Samsung Android!(May also work on non-Samsung phones but not 100% sure)

NOTE: ROOTING your Galaxy will VOID WARRANTY, PERMANENTLY DISABLE SAMSUNG PAY AND SECURE FOLDER FOREVER AND WIPE EVERYTHING ON YOUR PHONE! Only follow tutorial if you are okay with that but I have been doing this on all my phones.


This method is NOT guaranteed to work as the skins are NOT available at the time of making this video but surely this is the best method in my opinion because we are changing device ID.

You will basically have to follow my original tutorial on how to play fortnite on rooted Android here.

Then simply use these Galaxy Note 9 Build Prop settings instead of using the Galaxy S9 settings:


This method will also allow you to create a new Fortnite account without waiting for an invite. The free invite works on ALL Androids, no Galaxy phone needed!

You can also read the details of Fortnite skin redemption here.

But clearly it only requires code for V-Bucks so this method should work. If it does not work when Fortnite skins are available, I promise you guys to make another update so you can get it free if it is humanly possible.

7 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Hi Max,
    I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S8 with the stock ROM and unfortunately I do not want to trip the Knox counter and root my phone. The only spare Android device I have is an Xperia Z3 with a custom ROM, rooted with Magisk and with build prop settings changed but I’m still faced with the “device unsupported” message. I’m thinking it’s due to the actual processor/gpu not being supported and not the device ID. For the time being I’ll try and get my hands on one of the listed devices Epic has released and testing on that.

    • Mohammad says:

      Thats also a easy fix just get GLTools and change the CPU and GPU id’s so the game thinks your hardware is compatible

  2. Ruben says:

    Does this work? No updates and the skins released today

  3. avengers says:

    I am unable to make fortnite works on my rooted s7

  4. JoniG59 says:

    it won’t work because you need to change your imei to get galaxy skin
    Max Lee please show how to change imei permanently

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