How to Install LG G3 Keyboard on Any Rooted Android!

LG G3’s keyboard is touted in Android world as one of the better keyboards you can use as it comes with ability to resize your keyboard (which can be good for making the keyboard size exactly the you want it, works great for larger-screen phones) and support for Swipe out of the box.

If you have LG G3, you know how good the G3 keyboard is and believe me, I think that’s actually one of the best features on the LG G3 as I use my G3 as daily driver and LOVE the keyboard.

But what about if you have another Android smartphone like OnePlus One or maybe Note 3?

Thanks to XDA user Hamidibahram, there’s an easy way to install LG G3 keyboard on any rooted Android smartphone or tablet.

First, you will need to root your Android device, see How to Root Android first.

Step 1. First, download the LG G3 Keyboard installation APK file.


Download LG G3 Keyboard Installation APK File

Then you should be able to press on the downloaded file to install.  If you get errors, try using ES File Explorer app from Play Store to install the app.


If you get security error, just hit the Settings button and enable “Unknown Sources” then try again.



Make sure you hit “Accept” if you get a Google warning message.


Step 2. Once you have the LG G3 Keyboard installation app installed, install Busybox app from Play Store.


Step 3. Run the BusyBox app and verify you have busybox installed.  If you don’t, simply press “Install” button to install Busybox.


Step 4. Run the LG G3 Keyboard app.


Hit “OK”.


Make sure to hit “Grant” or “Allow” when Superuser request window pops up.


Step 5. You can make a backup of your current keyboard files just in case something goes wrong.  If something goes wrong, you can re-run this app and restore keyboard files.

Once done backing up, hit “Install” to install LG G3 Keyboard!


Step 6. Once done installing, reboot your Android device.


Step 7. Go into Settings->Language & input then set default keyboard to “LG Keyboard” and also make sure “LG Keyboard” is checked on like below.


Step 8. Enjoy your new LG G3 keyboard!


Step 9. If you want to re-size the height of the LG G3 keyboard, go back into settings and press on the settings icon by “LG Keyboard”.


Here, you will be able to adjust the keyboard height and also customize the settings to your liking.  That’s it! Enjoy!


Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this app or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


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