How to Install Pixel 3 Google HDR Camera on Galaxy S10!

For those of you who want to install Pixel 3 Google HDR Camera on your Galaxy S10, you are in luck as it is now available for all Galaxy S10 series including Galaxy S10 Plus, S10E, and regular S10.   Now, Night Sight only works on Qualcomm models so if you have Exynos international model, you will have to wait a bit longer.

In my few days of testing, I find the Pixel 3 Google HDR Camera APK on the Galaxy S10 to be excellent with all the modes working out of the box.  Now, I still do prefer the photos taken with Galaxy S10 camera for bright light situations as it fares better with exposure levels while Pixel 3 Google HDR Camera tends to lose details in the dark.

However, I do find the Pixel 3 Google HDR camera superior in low-light situations with the Night Sight.  I did actually use it to take photo of my daughter sleeping the other day in near complete darkness while my Galaxy S10 could only give me blank photos.   What’s really amazing is the photos you can take in nearly complete darkness.  There are many situations in life where a photo in near darkness could save us an important piece of our family memories and Google HDR camera’s Night Sight does exactly that.  Also, you can opt to use Night Sight even in bright light or slightly low-light situations that will give you much better photos over normal camera.

The Google HDR Camera APK for Galaxy S10 also outperformed my Pixel 3 camera and I believe this is due to having much better camera specs than Pixel 3.  Coupled with same camera software as on Pixel 3, you can expect the Galaxy S10 to outperform Pixel 3 in Night Sight photos.  If you have not tried it yet, definitely give it a go, installation instructions are in the video tutorial above and also you can follow written instructions here.

Credits – Cstark27 on XDA

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