How to Wifi Tether ANY Rooted Android Smartphone or Tablet! [Universal Guide]

Most U.S. carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon, will charge you an extra “tethering monthly fee” (around $20-30) if you want wifi tethering enabled on your phone so you can share your phone’s internet with other wifi devices you own such as Android tablets, desktop computer, etc…etc…

Now, U.S. is the ONLY country in the world where carriers charge you twice for the same internet you already paid for.  In countries like South Korea, Thailand, and the rest of the world, there’s no extra tethering monthly charges to use the wifi tethering feature.

Luckily, there are ways to circumvent wifi tether block on most Android smartphones or tablets (that support SIM cards) by installing tether apps like FoxFi (which works on most Motorola/Verizon phones without root) or Wifi Tether app for Rooted users (which works on most rooted Android smartphones).

There are cases like Verizon’s Jelly Bean update on Galaxy S3/Note 2, Sprint’s Jelly Bean update on Galaxy S3/Note 2, or T-Mobile’s Jelly Bean on Galaxy S2, where tethering is blocked completely.

For Verizon or Sprint, your tethering application will just not work and for T-Mobile, you will be re-directed to a T-mobile wifi tether website where it asks you to pay for it.

Well, there’s a simple solution to all of this, a universal method that works on all rooted Android smartphones and tablets (as far as I’ve tested with 30+ devices I own on all U.S. major networks).

Tired of paying your carrier twice for the internet you paid for already?  Let’s get started.

We will be using the same Wifi Tether app for Rooted Users but modified by XDA user TrevE, which circumvents carrier blocks.

Step 1. Download Wifi Tether TrevE Mod app and install using ES File Explorer (or your favorite file manager app).  Make sure “Unknown Sources” is checked under Settings if it asks you to.

Download Wifi Tether TrevE Mod APK

Step 2. Open the Wifi Tether app, hit Menu button and hit “Settings”.

Step 3. Press on “Change Device-Profile”.

Step 4. Choose “Generic ICS/JB (wlan0)”.

Step 5. Choose “Change Setup-Method”.

Step 6. Choose “Netd-Ndc (master)”.

Step 7. Choose “Send Netd Max Client Cmd”.

Step 8. You can set your wifi encryption and SSID here to whatever you’d like.

Step 9. Make sure either “WiFi-driver reload” or “WiFi-driver reload 2” is checked on.  If wifi tether fails for some reason you can change this to the one you didn’t use.

Step 10. Scroll down and make sure “MSS clamping” and “Routing fix” are both checked on.

Step 11. Turn on tethering by hitting the Wifi icon.

Step 12. You can check logs by hitting Menu button->Show Log.  If you don’t see any errors you are good to go.

Step 13. Now, try connecting to your wifi tether using your computer or another wifi device.  Once connected, it should show up under Access Control. (hit Menu then Access Control)

Step 14. Enjoy your wifi tether without paying carriers twice!

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*Note – This only enables wifi tether on Android smartphones/tablets so you can bypass

monthly tethering charges but it will still count under your data plan (unless you have unlimited/grandfathered plan).

Is it illegal? Nope. Charging for wifi tethering should be illegal though, most
countries outside the U.S. do not charge extra for wifi tether, it just counts
under the data plan. (e.g. South Korea, Thailand, and pretty much rest of the world)

If you have trouble tethering on T-Mobile, try these T-Mobile APN settings:


Credits – XDA <— Please donate to XDA user TrevE if this has helped you get free wifi tether on your Android!

251 Responses

  1. paul says:

    Everything seems to work but I still get Tmobile’s dreaded upsell msg. Please, help!!!

    • paul says:

      Btw…I have a rooted JB Galaxy S2 on stock ROM. What’s missing???

      • paul says:

        Update: I was finally able to connect to the hotspot using a borrowed phone. To connect with my laptop I still have to change my agent user string to Android to make it work, just like I used to do with ICS.
        max, If you find a way around this agent user change thing, please let us know.


    • chris says:

      You need to encrypt your data with a VPN service in order to get around the T-mobile message.

      My daily set up is: OpenVPN app(with HostVPN monthly service), and ClockWorkMod tether app.

      I don’t think ANY wi-fi tether app actually works anymore. Those requiring root or otherwise, according to my experience and the reviews.

    • Dave says:

      Install the one download here and it works with its defaults on HTC Thunderbolt:

      You can change a few of the defaults and it will still work. For instance:
      Enable Wifi encryption
      Change Passphrase
      Change SSID
      Idle Shutdown or limit, etc.

    • c says:

      I had tmobile with s2 skyrocket and used “light speed” rom by rushing. I was able to use the native tethering that was included with the rom “top toggle button in the pull down app drawer” with no problems. Just FYI to the skyrocket users that may stumble across this.

  2. Lamuh13 says:

    Hi Max,

    I am using my rooted Nexus 4 with T-mobile.
    I followed all the steps above exempt “MSS clamping”
    because there is no “MSS clamping” under “LAN” menu on my Nexus4.
    (There are only “Change LAN” and “Routing fix”)
    And when I check the log, I’m getting failed logs for:

    “Configuring AP with Maxclient…”
    “Starting AP…”
    Enabling MSS Clamping…”

    Please help.

    Thank you.

    • Max Lee says:

      Nexus 4 shouldn’t need tethering app, it supports it out of the box, just use the native tethering app in settings and use posted Tmobile APN but I will have another guide if u have trouble.

      • Lamuh13 says:

        Thanks for reply, Max.

        Yes, I tried tethering with my nexus4 before and it worked.
        But the problem was T-mobile’s anti-tethering policy was detecting that
        I’m tethering without their tethering plan and got a warning message that
        if I continue to tether, my 4g signal will be blocked.
        I was trying to see if the above method will be bypass the anti-tethering policy.

        Do you know if there is a way to bypass it?
        If you do, I will be looking forward for your guide.

        Thanks bunch.

      • scratchdog says:

        Would it be possible to have the guide? I’m having trouble too…

      • vladimir says:

        hi max i got same problem mss clamping dont appear im using galaxy note717 with saurom. help me there thanks .

      • jose says:

        Hey max, im having trouble getting my wifi to work on a lg g2 att phone on a straighttalk plan, keeps sayin temporary network problem. Rooted and tried the wifi tether i get a fail on settung ad-hoc mode. Tried to download the treve but 8t wont install. Id really like to have wifi for my new phone. Can u help me out

      • rene says:

        I’m missing mss clamping on setting and nothing is on show log would really appreciate your help there is no “MSS clamping” under “LAN” menu on my Nexus4.
        (There are only “Change LAN” and “Routing fix”)


      • Tim says:

        Hey Max,
        I have a straight talk, Samsung Galaxy S3 (version 4.1.2) and it’s a big step up from my old phone (tracfone, samsung model: sgh-t528g). if that gives u an idea. But I’ve been tryin to figure out the best ways to use its features to its full potential. I read that to do this, I need to root it but apparently there’s a right and wrong way to do this. So my question is this, what is the safest way to root, without possible bricking or any other setbacks? With this information I’m hoping to access my mobile hotspot as well. Any tips, sites, apps etc. Will be most appreciated, thanks alot.
        – Tim-

        • Lindsay says:

          I have the exact same phone and company you do galaxy s 3 through straight talk. If you go to and hit the red icon on the screen it will download a file to your phone. After its done downloading tap on it and install and follow instructions (:

  3. custom1 says:

    Worked for me on rooted Galaxy S2 on stock JB ROM. No up sell message 🙂 Swapped between WIFI-driver reload and WIFI-driver reload “2” before my devices would see it. Finally works. Thanks!

  4. Kyle says:

    Hi i have a rooted samsung galaxy s2 from tmoble and it says that the mss clamping has failed in the show log. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didnt work. help?

  5. Diceman says:

    I have a Motorola Triump Andriod phone (rooted). When trying to download the file I get a “Download Unsuccessful – Cannot download. The content is not supported on this phone” Have you been able to successfully test this on a MT? Please let me know.

  6. Erik says:

    I had issues with tethering apps on a rooted JBstock rom but it’s been working great since I switched to the AOKP MR1 v.6 ROM

  7. ifixitscott says:

    I have a new prepaid $30 plan with 100min talk “Unlimited data” T-mobile plan, running Wifi Tether on a rooted Galaxy S 4G Blaze. Yesterday I exceeded 1GB of data used and after about 5 hours of tethering I got the dreaded T-Mobile popup page. I will try the the TrevE apk today. When I went through the setting screens under LAN I couldn’t find a check for “MSS clamping”. Am I missing something? I am running version 3.2-pre2***Experimental*** thanks

  8. ifixitscott says:

    I get a message when I start Tethering:
    Tethering started with errors Please check show log

    Enabling MSS Clamping

    Loading WiFi Driver (cmd)…

    Any help would be most appreciated.

  9. ifixitscott says:

    I tired switching the WiFi-driver reload check ON this time and WiFi-driver reload2 OFF
    Now I am just getting the MSS clamping error. How come there isn’t an option on my setting for this?

    • ifixitscott says:

      I am running 2.6.3 Gingerbread. I understand Gingerbread removed the MSS clamping. Any suggestions before i have to fork over $15 to T-Mobile.

  10. donnieboy says:

    This worked for me on my t-mobile Galaxy S2 with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update installed! I am very excited that the settings in the modded Wifi Tether app connected right away

    • ifixitscott says:

      Are you on T-mobile? Do you think if I update my ROM to Jelly bean I can get it working?
      My T-mobile is a prepaid $300 plan with 100minutes and unlimited internet up to 5Gb at 4G speed.
      I was using the internet for a day after about 500Mb the T-mobile screen popped up telling me to cough up $15 for a tethering plan.

      • ifixitscott says:

        Typo… the plan was only $30:)
        I’m curious if after a while (500mb) of data did you a message from T-mobile saying you need a tether plan?

  11. Big G says:

    Hey… this is great for the new jb update for galaxy 2… if your using anything older just root the normal way and use titanium backup to remove the wifi tethering provision… i forget what its called… the only reason you need this is because jb checks with the carrier for tethering…. ics gb and all the others just check for the feature.

  12. Ashwin says:

    I followed the steps laid out here an it worked perfect on my T-mobile GS2. Thank you so much.

  13. Trevon says:

    I have a NAT Type 3 problem when trying to play blackops on my vita..i no its not meant for gaming but how do Ichange the nat to nat type one or twoPLEASE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP

  14. berj says:

    I followed the directions on my rooted Tmobile Galaxy S2, rooted and it looks like everything worked fine, i don’t get any errors under the logs page or anything of that sort but i can’t see my SSID when i try to connect with my laptop.

    Any ideas? My apn and mmsc settings were already what was listed above.

    Thanks in advance

  15. Billy says:

    Did you get the LG Nexus 4 on Tmobile to working correctly with the wifi tethering?

    What are the correct steps so that it seems that yoru interent is being used by the phone and not another device?

  16. Alex says:

    Yo! All I have to say is thanks. Was stuck with the wifi tether from google play store and didn’t work. Followed your steps and it worked. Tonight I’m on my tablet hell ya. Thanks a bunch.

  17. Kyle says:

    So this is not working with my newly rooted sprint Galaxy S4. There are no errors in the log but it still doesnt broadcast wifi signal. Is there something im missing? This has worked great on my GSII in the past. Not sure why it isnt working on my s4…. any help would be appreciated max.

    • charles says:

      Same on my rooted att s4

      • Jorge C says:

        Same he on S4 Tmobile everything looks like it is good just not broadcasting signal. Any help?

        • Stitch says:

          Same here, However clicking on “join another network” on my mac and then manually inputting my tether name and password works. It should work fine in windows too by manually adding the connection. Now my computer finds it automatically. I’m not sure why wifi tether is not broadcasting though.

    • UltimatePeter says:

      Same here: S4 Sprint

    • Joe T. says:

      Exact same thing here. Laptop doesn’t see the new SSID, but app says everything is fine.

      Help, someone?

      • Joe T. says:

        Also discovered that after trying to use the app, all my existing WiFi listings have lost their passwords. The entries are still there, but i have to re-enter any WEP/WPA keys to connect to them.

  18. Fosil says:

    any body having problems with:
    configuring AP with Maxclient….

    Starting AP


  19. Serafino says:

    awesome, galaxy s2 tmobile is working awesome. I cannot enable encryption because otherwise it doesnt connect. But all new devices cannot copnnect unless i approve them from the access control menu

    many many thanks

  20. Carlos says:

    Worked like a charm, thx
    Galaxy Note II Sprint

  21. Ben says:

    Stuck on the “Start Tethering” screen for me… Sprint Galaxy S3 4.1.2

  22. Fred says:

    Please tell me if you will have an update so your application will work on Galaxy S4 i337 from AT&T. I use this on my S3 but it will not work on my wife’s rooted S4. Everything seems to work, looking at the log, but I can never see the SSID from my laptop. I have tried every combination of settings but no joy…
    Thank you in advance,

  23. Mike says:

    Worked like a champ on my rooted GS3 w/AT&T after the last update Wifi tether was not working…now with the trevE mod all is good. FYI had to turn on both Wifi-driver reloads. Thank You.

  24. Fred says:

    Well, I installed the patch and still none of my wireless devices can see my S4… I guess I will have to wait until the app catches up to the S4
    Thank you for the patch, wish it had worked….

  25. JR says:

    Installed on my Galaxy Note 2 stock rooted running 4.1.2. Works perfectly following your very clear instructions. I did not expect to find so many settings and features! Bonus!

  26. scratchdog says:

    This doesn’t seem to work on my Nexus 4…

    Configuring AP with Maxclient
    Starting AP
    Enabling MSS clamping

    Are the ones that are failing. There is no option to enable MSS clamping on my version for some reason.

    Also I know that it can tether natively but the problem I have is with circumventing my carriers tether detection…

    Can anybody help?

    Thank you

  27. ellioml says:

    Cannot get this to work on my Thunderbolt. Any ides?

  28. Hector says:

    Hi. I have a HTC Evo Design 4g Sprint (rooted) and I am having problems with wifi tethering

    the 3 problems are:
    enabling routing fix
    enabling NAT rules
    enabling MSS Clamping

    and suggestions on how to fix this?

  29. Odysseyofnoises says:

    On my computer it just says that the connection is limited… what the heck?!

  30. DocFly says:

    For my rooted Sprint S2 with stock GB27 I followed the instructions to the letter but it repeatedly failed. No errors in log but none of my devices would see the ssid, which I named “galaxy s2”. Tried other combination in the setting to no avail. In the device profile there is a choice for the “Samsung Epic Touch 4g” and the “Samsung Galaxy S2”. Neither worked. No device could see my ssid. Inspired by the fact that others above had success with the same phone as me I kept trying. In desperation I thought maybe it didn’t like the name of my ssid that I choose. So I took the “s2” out leaving just “galaxy” and whatayaknow it worked. Don’t think this app likes spaces in the ssid…… Thanks Max

  31. SuperGinch says:

    Hey Max,

    I can tether on my S2 but not on my Nexus 4. Any idea why?



  32. kahner says:

    Max, thanks for the guide, it was very helpful. However, though I got wifi tether working, if I enable encryption it won’t allow a connection. Works find with no encryption though. I’m running JB on a rooted verizon razr hd. If you have any ideas, i’d appreciate you help. thanks.

  33. AZTrip says:

    It’s a no-go for my rooted AT&T Samsung 4S. Clean log, just doesn’t broadcast SSID and can not access manually.

  34. Scott says:

    Doesn’t work with Sprint Samsung Galaxy 4.

  35. Arnold says:

    Great tutorial… works great with my Tmobile Galaxy S2 with Jelly Bean.. Thank you!!

  36. Chuck Morton says:

    On my rooted Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 it indicates an error while starting, and to check the log, but when opening the check log, it says it doesn’t exist. It does give the indication it is working, but no SSID is transmitted.

  37. Bryce Abercrombie says:

    Amazing. Thank you very, very much for this! Haven’t actually connected to laptop yet, but I can already see there’s no errors in the log, and the T-Mobile hotspot logo hasn’t popped up as if it’s trying to use its tethering app. Also it’s staying as an active hotspot. And that’s already more than anyone else could accomplish.

    Stock Jellybean 4.1.2 Rooted, Galaxy 2 T989 T-Mobile.

  38. Mario says:

    it’s not working for me. I have a rooted motorola photon 4g for sprint on android 2.3.5.
    it’s weird though, my log doesn’t show any errors – everything is “done” and the last message says “tethering now running” – this is all having “wi-fi driver reload 2” clicked.

    when i have “wi-fi driver reload” checked instead, my tethering and mobile hotspot active notification pops up followed by hotspot/tethering error message informing me that i maynot be subscribed to the hotspot service and to contact my phone company —again no error messages according to the log.

    ***both situations the tether app remains running and shows “0.0kB” for Download and “0.0kB” for Upload. i have had a similar issue with the unmodified wi-fi tether app, the download would remain at “0.2kB” and remain undetectable by computers, other phones and tablets.

    barnacle wi-fi tether works for computers to connect – however android phones and tablets cannot detect and connect.

    any help i appreciate very much – thank you


  39. Billy Bob says:

    I have a Sprint Galaxy S2 ET4g and recently updated to stock rooted gb27. That crashed the previous teather app so I need to find an alternative. I found this and have followed the steps above. The clamping lan setting is not present on mine either. I was successful at configuring the app and have it working… almost.

    My app works for about 10 minutes and then stops working… The app stays up but the tethering stops and I have to re-start it manually. I’ve tried changing several options but none seem to work other than the ones in the tutorial above. The ony thing I have set differently from the above is the access control enabled. I have tried disabling it but get the same results.

    Any ideas?? This same thing happened to me with the old ics and I had to re-install the older version of tether and disallow auto update.

  40. eview411 says:

    I had installed the wifi tether app on my new all metal HTC One and it worked when it wanted to. Every time I’d run the program it would load with errors. Lately it wasn’t working at all, I guess T Mobile disabled it. Today 6/5/2013 I installed this one and followed the instructions, works great so far with no errors.

    A special thanks for your hard work and effort to help the android community with our wifi issues.

    • eview411 says:

      Was working fing until my T Mobile hot spot data ran out. Now I get the T Mobile web page informing me that I have to pay for more hot spot data.

      There must be a way to use my mobile data without them knowing I’m using another device.

      • Tarvis says:

        The app discussed here has NOTHING to do with hiding your data use. You’ll need to look somewhere else for that.
        See the note above under the last picture.
        “*Note – This only enables wifi tether on Android smartphones/tablets so you can bypass monthly tethering charges but it will still count under your data plan (unless you have unlimited/grandfathered plan).”

  41. Sohaib says:

    Thanks a lot man, I used your site about 4 months ago to root my phone for the first time. I come back now and again, and you continue to amaze me with your insight. Really appreciate it!

  42. Daniel-san says:

    worked like a charm. Rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 (Verizon)

  43. mparentes says:

    Thanks, mate! It worked like a charm. I’ve been struggling with this app for days. The modified version worked out of the box. Rooted Galaxy S2 Skyrocket (ATT).

  44. Ryan says:

    I have a Sprint rooted Samsung galaxy S3. I have tried everything. I am so frustrated. Does Sprint block this from working? I have watched multiple videos and read forums but can’t seem to get it to work. Please help me!!!!!

  45. Joey Deprospero says:

    Never worked, not even once. Been playing with it for two weeks now. All I get is a t-mobile tethering page. Guessing I am doing something wrong but can’t figure out what.

  46. Linda Lu says:

    That one also worked for my Sprint S2 Billy. The app discussed here never worked for me either.

  47. James says:

    I have xa rooted Verizon Samsung Galaxy mm S4 and it c doesn’t work at all. I can’t even look at the logs it says start with errors. None of my devices recognize it. Then I tried to reinstall it again it just kept restating my phone. What’s the latest version, and can anyone post a video helping me get this on my device.

  48. damonk says:

    This works for Samsung Galaxy S2 Sprint/ Epic Touch. Purchased 06-5-2013. This is the only way I was able to get it to work on the stock 4.1.2. Tried from play and direct download from google code and none worked.
    Other roms perhaps…….will try later on when I actually get some work done rather than messin with the phone.

  49. Alan says:

    I have a Samsung gs2 Tablet. 4.1.1. Having trouble with tablet connecting to PC with in download mode. Installed root checker and get a message that google won’t let me root the tablet. I’m at a loss. Help

    • TarvisM says:

      Alan, can you please provide a link to information about the Samsung gs2 tablet? I have never heard of that model.


  50. wilfredo pagan says:

    i had been trying for more than an hour and cannot get it to work. devices connect to the wifi signal but dont get internet access i have a note 2. what can i do?

  51. wilfredo pagan says:

    it connects but only 4kbps. is there anything i can do?
    i really need tether.
    please max

    • damonk says:

      @wilfredo pagan
      I dont have the note 2 but i have read in other forums that the stock kernel installed on the N2 is to blame. It wont allow tethering at all without purchase. There are a few roms out there with working kernels you can download and install through your recovery that will allow the tether to work.Assuming you have the stock rom still installed. I have the s2 and I had to install a new kernel gb27 ( if i remember right) from rwilco’s repository. There are some for the N2 that I have come across though. Just make sure you read the whole forum listing for the rom so you don’t brick your phone like i did with my lg optimus g from sprint which has very few working solutions available.

  52. DJ says:

    Been trying for a couple of weeks to get working with my Samsung Proclaim. No go. I can get the ad-hoc network to work, but I need the AP version for a another laptop. Can’t detect the SSID on any laptops using this method.

  53. straygoose says:

    I did the download and everything works perfectly except for one thing: About every ten minutes or so, the app shuts down and I have to open the app and start it back up again. Any idea why, or how to fix it? I’m using a Samsung Victory on Virgin Mobile (Sprint network)

    • damonk says:

      I had the same problem with my s2 on sprint. I installed ROMtoolbox from the market (root needed) and used the freeze function on the apps (bloat) that came with the phone. My culprit was Sprint Connection Manager. I suppose yours would be titled differently but worth a try. Freezing stops the app from running in the background and keeps it from starting when the phone is turned on. You can try freezing different apps until you find the culprit without harming your phone. If your phone doesnt work right after freezing it. Just defrost the app and start the phone again.
      Also, on wifi tether settings, you may want to check the Keep alive setting and set the interval for 1 second.
      It took me awhile to get everything sorted out on my s2 sprint sphd710 but I got wifi tether working without issue despite keeping the stock rom with all the darn bloatware from sprint.

      Hope this helps.

      • straygoose says:

        Cool! Thank You. I just set the keep alive interval to 1 and I’m going to let it go for awhile to see what happens before I start freezing apps. I use Titanium Backup for freezing/thawing etc., so I assume that will do just as good, but if not I’ll download ROMtoolbox. It’s a new phone and i haven’t gotten around to tossing all the bloatware overboard yet, so it’s high time I do it anyway. Thanks again for the help.

        p.s…the drop has gone from being about every ten minutes to intermittent. I wonder if that means anything. Also, when I reboot the phone the problem seems to go away for at least the duration of that tether session. Shows right back up next time I tether though…weird.

  54. Nobody, Sprint. Nobody. says:

    MAX!!! I rooted my HTC One on Tuesday using your It was my first time rooting a phone and I did it specifically for this app. A. The root went SMOOTH (with the exception of my computer’s uppity USB ports that refused to read the phone in bootloader, but the boyfriend’s computer’s USB ports saved the day). I installed this app and HOORAY! I’ve been an avid EasyTether user for the past two years straight but when my HTC One kept dropping the connection after 30 seconds I had to find an alternate. Not only does this app sustain it’s connection, it also won’t ruin my internal, non-removable battery.

    By the way, this is being used on a rooted HTC One by SPRINT!!! Totally bypassing the stupid hotspot creator option that most paid for apps trick you into using. THANK YOU!

    • Pako says:

      what settings did you use? i can seem to get mine to work at all, it connects to my phone but whatever device i connect does not load any pages at all. would you share your settings please thanks.

  55. manny says:

    Hey I cant download the apk I benn to the websites and try but it keep saying download unsuccessful

  56. Nick says:

    Hey guys. my past experience was if you use safari as your web browser on your computer T-Mobile won’t be able to kick you off. Hope this helps anyone who needs it.

  57. Jon says:

    I’m running a rooted HTC One (AT&T) and have followed the instructions but I keep getting failed on “Enabling Routing Fix, Enabling NAT rules and Enabling MSS Clamping” Both MSS clamping and Routing fix are checked. Is there an alternative to bypassing the AT&T mobile hotspot notification?


  58. joh52 says:

    omg yes thank you~
    worked like a charm on rooted at&t galaxy note 2
    thanks again!

  59. kartik says:

    Thanks so much for above. Ihad installed custom 4.1.2 on my sgh-t989 and then rooted , but none of the apps worked like open garder etc . this came just fine!!!

  60. Eric says:

    My Config: Tmo S2 rooted JB 412. When I saw on your tutorial and we have the same rom (Jedi) I felt confident enough to try it. Worked like a hot knife thru butter! Now Tmo can churn its own butter and not my checking account. Thanks Max your an animal!

  61. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Niiiice! im one of the lucky ones to still have the at&t “grandfathered plan” 😉 and this worked perfect on my rooted Motorolla Atrix HD (locked bootloader and stock rom). Now hopefully the carrier doesn’t call me and complain like they did when i tethered my rooted/unlocked HTC Ace running the CM7 rom which allowed tethering without the plan.
    I followed the directions illustrated and after a couple trial and error changes it worked perfect. Even a picky console like my ps3 recognized it and connected to it.

    Thanks TrevE and HOA!

  62. brian says:

    Thanks I’ll be sure to donate

  63. Nice Guy says:

    I rooted my tmobile samsung galaxy s2 v4.0.4 but so far no luck, its not even broadcasting the name, i tried from my win vista pc and ipad2.

    please help.


  64. lcama says:

    I can help unlock I have a sprint samsung s3 is not modified but I can not activate the tether could you help me thanks

  65. Karen Lane says:

    Took me 2 minutes to set it up. Works perfectly! Thanks!

  66. Racata says:


  67. David Flores says:

    for some reason the text apps does not want to install correctly. it to me that the application is corrupt. could you please help

  68. marcus says:

    i need help i have a samsung exhibit 4g and trying to use my ps3 with and the app don’t work

  69. Day says:

    HI Max, I am running stock 4.1.1 on NS4G Sprint. I installed the Matr1x v25 kernel. I follwed the directions above. My laptop and tablet can connect but I have no internet access. I have no idea what is going on. Sometimes I get a MSS clamping failed error.

  70. Chris says:

    Well i just followed your instructions to a T and it just shows that everything looks good but does not send a signal SSID to any of my other devices and says that it is tethering with errors. I’m using a Rooted GS4 (sprint) flashed to Boost Mobile if that makes a difference please help.

  71. Jim says:

    Tried it yesterday everything worked perfect connection was good i was able to browse the net. I tried again today, now it shows the tmobile popup page and it wont let me browse, any solutions to this or any other ways i could tether it? My phone is a tmobile samsung galaxy s2 t-989 and its rooted. Thanks

  72. mihir says:

    i have this tether and it always times out on me how do i fix this?

  73. Michael says:

    I cannot get this to work either. I get the message: Tethering started with errors! Please check “Show log”

    When I check the log, there are failed messages for:
    Configuring AP with Maxclient… & Starting AP…

    I do not see any the SSID when I try to look for it on my tablet.

    I have tried with both variations in step 9.

    Any help would be appreciated. I have never been able to get tethering to work on this phone: Galaxy S II Skyrocket. Didn’t work with stock rooted, now doesn’t work with CyanogenMod 10.1.2.


  74. Tracy D. Jackson says:

    LIKE A GLOVE! Works perfectly on a rooted T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2…. followed the instructions…. tested it and Voila…. Restarted and tried again… still working… Thank You!

  75. jose says:

    My app does not have the mss clamping i need help please repy back.

  76. small mice says:

    I think the admin of this website is actually working hard in support of his site, as
    here every information is quality based stuff.

  77. Kerem says:

    Galaxy S3 att
    When I check the log, there are failed messages for:
    Configuring AP with Maxclient… & Starting AP…
    Using Cyanogenmod 10.1.2 stable release.
    Please let me know if there is an update that works.

  78. Jaykay says:

    GS2 t-mo. Thank you for fighting off the thieves for me with yet another great workaround app! I enjoy your site greatly! Androids way around double charging and flexibility is priceless.

  79. Joe says:

    Just installed for Sprint GS3 with root only-no rom. Works as describe so far!! Incredibly easy to follow instructions. Keep up the great work!!!!

  80. jason says:

    Thanks Max. For nothing.

    So many people highlighting basic errors in this app., causing more trouble than it’s worth. If you’re peddling magic and the magic doesn’t work (and you offer no solutions) them it ain’t magic.

  81. Levi says:

    After downloading the Wifi Tether TrevE Mod APK my phone says that it cannot open that file. Running on sprint galaxy s4

  82. mike says:

    T mobile, galaxy note 2, rooted, jedi x 17

    Followed all instructions. (Do not have mss clamping in my menu.)

    Still get re- routed to t mobile pay site.
    Have to use cell phone’s user agent in my pc browser ,which is a pain because it takes me to alot of mobile sites.

    any suggestions?

  83. Gabriel says:

    I dont see this MSS Clamping under the lan settings section. I am running JB 4.1.2 on a droid razr maxx.

  84. Gabriel says:

    I do not see this MSS Clamping under the lan settings section. I am running JB 4.1.2 on a droid razr maxx. and I am fully rooted. Sorry for the double post.

  85. Jason says:

    This crap regularly locks up my rooted device and I have to do a battery pull, and when it is actually running my laptop doesn’t even recognize ‘Android Tether’ or anything else connected with TrevE Mod.

    Just my problem? Well, I have NO problems with the stock tether – PdaNet, Orbot and Sandroproxy all work perfectly via tether.

    So it’s into the trash can with TrevE Mod.

  86. techaxle says:

    These App Design are great. Thanks for Sharing This Article. Excellent Work Indeed.

  87. Mike says:

    Rooted my ATT Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket today, installed TreveMod, works like a charm!

  88. steven says:

    Works well to tether. But now my wifi won’t turn back on so I can’t access wifi at home.
    Any thoughts?
    Phome S3 sprint.

  89. steven says:

    Jusrt rebooted phone and it came back. Will play more later.

    • steven says:

      Yrp. Once I activate the tether I have to reboot in order to begin using wifi as wifi adaptrr again. Any ways to be able to do this without rebooting?

      • steven says:

        May be the driver reload settings. Will update.

        • steven says:

          Instead of using one driver reload setting… usint both alllwed for me to be able to use wifi aftrr turning off tether without rebooting.

          Phone: sprint galaxy s3
          Jb 4.1.2 stock root. bmdp4 update

          ThAnks again !!

  90. Jolie says:

    Im having issues says tethering started with errors please check show log..when I try to get to log it says unable to access show log file doesnt exist… ive done everything here… after it stops tethering it ask if phone is rooted …. please help

  91. steven says:

    Is the phone rooted? Else this might not work.

  92. Jolie says:

    Yes n are you the one who came up with this?

  93. Jolie says:

    Not trying be a jerk but I would like to hear from the person who is giving direction cuz im tired of all the guess work

  94. Jolie says:

    What is a flash custom kernel?

  95. Dave says:

    Anyone have something like this for Tmobile galaxy S2 but usb tethering?

  96. Don Gateley says:

    Your title should say “How to Wifi Tether SOME Rooted Android Smartphone or Tablet! [Halfass Guide]”
    with the disclaimer that when it doesn’t work (like with the three error messages in the log) you haven’t a clue why. I absolutely hate overhype backed up by ignorance.

  97. Driftwood says:

    Motorola XT901 (Electrify M) – Rooted – US Cellular
    Won’t let me connect with encryption, but will w/o encryption
    Any Ideas?

  98. soooonnny says:

    I had my Galaxy S3 and now my Note2 working just fine, no matter what you do, you MUST run a browser, such as chrome, with a user agent changer, and select android phone. That has worked for me for over a year now. However!!! Just TODAY, it stopped working. Now I’m getting the t-mobile redirect again!! =/ It used to be tmobile opened your outgoing packets to see what o/s/browser you were using, and the user agent spoofer fooled tmobile.. however, it just stopped working today.. =/ Frustrating…

  99. g says:

    Samsung Galaxy s4 MF9
    stock rom

    It’s from these threads that everyone using Samsung Galaxy s4 with Sprint is UNABLE to use this method period.

    Does anyone have a fix?

  100. Josh says:

    Hey my atrix hd has the tred mod wifi tether installed i have it up and running no errors but when i am trying to connect my labtop or my ps3 I do not see any wifi signal at all! I am using AT&T’s network. I have an unlimited data plan but no tethering plan. Any advice would be appreciated thanks in advance!!!

  101. Steve B says:

    On Verizon HTC One, followed all instructions as shown and SSID did not broadcast. Played around with various settings and found if I leave SetUP as AUTO, the SSID does broadcast and it works

  102. hayden says:

    hey i got no step 10

    can someone help me plz

  103. Denisse says:

    Dosn’t work anymore, help!! Galaxy S2, rooted, 4.1.2

    • TravisM says:


      More details, please. What, exactly, is happening and/or not happening now that was not happening and/or happening before? Have you changed anything else on your phone? Installed a different ROM, a new app, etc.?

      I also use this app on my rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S2 running on 4.1.2. It’s still working fine. In fact, I’m replying to you on my Windows notebook tethered to my phone right now.

      • Denisse says:

        I dont do nothing, just that tmobile find out and block my tethering. I try changing the user agent too, and nothing.

        • Max Lee says:

          You may need a custom ROM to make it fully work, T-Mobile has started doing some nasty blocking but with a good custom ROM, tether works fine on my T-Mobile S4, now T-Mobile just throttles me to Edge if I use too much, thinking about switching carriers.

  104. Jolie says:

    This just does not work for tmobile sg4

  105. Steven Jones says:

    I’ve been using the built in version on aCM and Carbon ROMs and been good.

  106. iLLBEHONEST.COM says:

    Can’t get this working with a sgh-m919n, metropcs branded tmobile version of the s4. LoL, I get “with errors” check log, first ,third and fourth from top down failed. Tried the wan0 settings and says all is good although I have never yet to see my device broadcast any ssid signal ,please advise,I REALLY don’t want a custom rom at all cost, starting with my spirit touch pro on sprint-Bluetooth hardware failure(really needed it to work too) , and sprint HTC 4g.on metropcs using metrodroid-constantly random reboots, video camera glitchy, verizon s3 axisM too many problems to count. Now I just want all my basic functions to work.LoL

    Also please note while changing a few setting I found from
    With No errors although still No ssid found, and mms would not work until I uninstalled trevE wireless tether to get mms working again.

  107. iLLBEHONEST.COM says:

    followed everthing and i always get `started with errors` the log shows failed in the 1st , 3rd and 4th fields counting down from the top.

    “LOOK OUT”
    ps.the craziest thing happened i never seen this thing before , i did all this on my cell and then i tried to see if it would work on my girls s4(same plan) since it was not working on mine,
    then all of a sudden her 32gb sd card was not able to be mounted and so i tried to read it on a old htc 4g ,with same results no sd card was present , but pheeeew the sd card was able to be read from a micro sd adapter to the computer but cant be read from any cell phone ever again! just a nice heads up because i have never seen this thing happen before after rooting 😕
    its 3 am here i gotta crash out , besides she keep going on and on about how i almost broke her phone.LOL

    this is weird because i did the same rooting process with odin on both phones (no sd card issue with mine and i got a 64gb card too) and hers had the problem with the 64gb san disk ultra sc external sd card only, nothing happened to the internal sd, and i put in a 32gb basic micro sd with out the ultra and sc lettering on it 5 minutes later after this happened and it reads it that sd card just fine.

  108. Jolie says:

    Tmobile sg4 any suggestions??????? Cuz this does not work on my sg3 either

  109. Juan says:

    Max please make a video explaining the ant-tethering rules thaT-Mobile has. im using a Samsung Gaxy s4 .And also show how to tether on 4g speeds without getting Tanttetheringmessage and without them blocking your 4g and going to Edge speeds like you said in a comment . if you make this video it will help me alot because i live in a ranch that I cant put any Internet router with any company . But T-Mobile 4g signal os pretty good, so i have yo depend on their speeds to use tether to My computer,tablet, and xbox 360. But tethering fees are to expensive. And also the video will help alot of other viewers with a related problem Please make a video

    • Max Lee says:

      If you are using Tmo S4, use any GT-i9505 custom ROM it will let you tether without restrictions, but you will lose wifi calling.

  110. Ze Giggler says:

    So I just got my Nintendo 3DS connected to my phone by altering some of the settings you have here and it works fine.

    I still however cannot get my laptop connected. I read something about infra and ad hoc.

    Should I change the settings to ad hoc to connect my laptop?

  111. Jolie says:

    Cmon sum1has to have the answer to how to get my sg3 and sg4 tmobile phones rooted cuz n9thin is working

  112. leon malinofsky says:

    for people whose only problem is not seeing the SSID, my install0ation ignores my SSID instructions and uses wlan0. Maybe try that or wlan1 if it seems your SSID is not broadcast.

  113. Mike Patterson says:

    sprint lg ls720 transmitting to a google nexus 7 tablet. Log shows tether up and running, and tablet recognizes the ssid. When I click on connect, it just fluxuates back and forth between saving/connecting—never makes connection.

    Pls Help

    Mike Patterson

  114. iLLBEHONEST.COM says:

    i guess it works on some and not on others, i found this advice at

    [KERNEL] Stock Touchwiz MDB – SetUID Restriction Removed
    it seems that the kernal is preventing ot from working , perhaps in my case and maybe many others although i dont know if changing my kernel will help since i am using the t-mobile/metropcs phone? can anyone confirm it would work.
    [KERNEL] Stock Touchwiz MDB – SetUID Restriction Removed
    on a metropcs phone to get wfi tether working?

  115. Daniel Schmidt says:

    So is this a successful solution to circumventing the strict tethering restrictions that Straight Talk does? I have Straight Talk and am just wondering if you have done any testing with Straight Talk. I have heard of people being banned for doing so (even though it is marketed as unlimited data), and have never gotten a rooted tethering app to authenticate even rooted. Wondering if this one will allow it to work but will trick ST so they won’t block it? Thanks!

  116. FeleciA says:

    i have a lg optimus g pro, my error failure is MSS clamping. I dont have that as an option in the line up. PLz help

  117. Mike S says:

    Rooted Sprint Galaxy SII – Just hangs on “Please wait while starting”. No errors are reported. If I continue to touch, I usually get the screen that all is well. The status bar shows it working. It is not broadasting my SSID (which has no spaces). On ShowLog I get a failed:
    Configuring AP with Maxclient…
    Starting AP….
    Unchecked Send Netd Max Client Cmd and it showed active, showed up/down icons, there were no failed logs yet the SSID is not broadcasting.
    Tried many variations of settings… I am showing as working, I see the up/down icons, the log has no failures, yet I have no SSID broadcast…
    I also tried connecting via a laptop and typing in the SSID and it did not work
    Any help would be most appreciated…

    • Levi says:

      do you have a custom ROM?

      • Mike S says:

        Note that I am aware of as I don’t think I have done anything to the phone other than root it. Really would like to get the SII working so I don’t have to reactivate and use my Galaxy S so I can HS.

        • Levi says:

          I was just curious. I’m using the galaxy s4 and the wifi tether would not work with out a custom ROM. I was happy with the stock ROM so I tried flashing a custom kernel, that fixed the problem for me.

  118. Curtis says:

    Just installed 4.3 on my T-Mobile Galaxy S3, this ROM Wifi tether was working prior to this (4.1.2 stock). Set everything else up the same way except the MSS clamping. For some reason it isn’t showing up in the settings. When checking the log, pretty much everything fails and my normal wifi won’t turn back on until I restarted the phone.

    Any ideas?

  119. logan says:

    I jist rooted my phone and got this app and everything seems to be working fine until i try to connect with my computer.
    With encryption it wont connect but without it will connect but have no connection
    Im on an lg f3 with 4.1.2

  120. Karol says:

    Galaxy Note 2 L900 Sprint
    Android Rooted 4.3

    BusyBox installed (other solution says it’s necessary)
    WIFI tether installed from the link on this website

    When I turn on phone says that superuser acces has been granded superuser permissions… than tethering started with errors…. than I want to see that log and i see “unable to see log files, files does not exist”

    Version of app is the same because i used link from this website but i cant fins in settins “mss clamping”

    Does anybody know what is going on?

  121. William says:

    it does not work on galaxy s4 with 4.3 software and I don’t have the clamping option and it errors out and has nothing in the log life HELP ????

  122. hleight says:

    I tried this on my rooted samsung galaxy s2 tmobile running jellybean 4.1.2, but I got an error message about the configuring ap, please help.

  123. Steve says:

    I did this on a rooted Metro Pcs samsung galaxy s3 . Its working great.

  124. David crowell says:

    Seems like I’m having same issues as everyone else hope this gets worked out soon love this app I use it ever day up until I updated to 4.3 it doesn’t work on 4.3 rom I’ve tried everything

  125. Vlau says:

    hi. i tried this on my rooted verizon sgs3 jb 4.3 sch-i535 build #vrucml1. don’t have MSS Clamping box to check. everything else was there. got errors message: errors. check the log. clicked on Show Log and got: Unable to open log-File. File does not exist.” prior to jb update, used tether without any problems. any fix on the way?

  126. Ryan Santos says:

    Hello I Had Just Recently Rooted my Samsung Galaxy Mega and was wondering if these setting would work with it or are there different setting for it.

  127. Rebma Rro says:

    Ok so, my phone is rooted. I have a Samsung Galaxy SII for Sprint. The mobile service is not connected, and I do not have an sd card for the cell phone. Although I do not have these things, the phone functions just fine. The problem that I am having with your wifi tether mod is that in my settings for this app, the ‘MSS Clamping’ box is not shown at all. This is a problem because when the app will not work for me. In ‘Show Log’, everything is green and cleared except for MSS Clamping. As I have seen, this seems to be the problem for many others as well. The phone does NOT have a Custom ROM, but I am unsure of what to do at this point. I know working wifi tethering mods are hard to come by with Sprint, but this is universal, so everything should have worked fine. Please help? I’d love to hear from anyone with answers to my problem. Thanks.

    • Peter says:

      I have the same problem with my samsung s3 with verizon.

      If you hear of a fix let me know and I will do the same.

  128. Jhun says:

    can it be possible for my cousins tablet without sim cards to install this app?

  129. Peter says:

    mss clamping does not appear under LAN on my verizon rooted phone. Samsung s3.

    What is the problem???

  130. Fernando Miranda says:

    Hi. It doesnt even let me download the file it loads but it wont open and I tried using another source but wont open. Im using a samsung galaxy s2 boost mobile. Iv been tethering for awhile but ever since I rooted it just wont work anymore. Please help:(

  131. greg says:

    Lg G Flex rooted ATT, unlocked on T-Mobile; got those errors – Configuring AP with Maxckient
    and – Starting AP….

    Any advices please??

    Respectfully, Greg.

  132. Keith Williams says:

    easy to follow instructions. bad thing is i can access the connection but it load google searches or webpages!

  133. Keith Williams says:

    easy to follow instructions. bad thing is i can access the connection but it will not load google searches or webpages!

  134. Keith Williams says:

    EDITED! easy to follow instructions. bad thing is i can access the connection but it WILL NOT DO ANY AND load google searches or webpages!

  135. J Chase says:

    It is not working on Sprint Galaxy S4 with 4.4 Kitkat. There is no clamping option. When turned on, it said “tethering started with errors”. It cannot find a log file. Can anything be done in the settings to make this work, or does the tethering app need to be revised?

    • Levi says:

      I got it to work on my sprint S4 4.2.2 only after I flashed a custom kernel. I’m assuming it’ll be the same with Kit Kat. I recently updated to kit kat and haven’t added the custom kernel yet.

  136. Fernando Miranda says:

    I can download the file but cant open it and im using a galaxy s2 boost mobile can someone help me

  137. Robert says:

    I have an LG Optimus G. I have rooted the phone and installed Wifi tether app. I’m not having any luck getting the phone to connect to open a Wifi connection with any of my other devices. I have tried all of the LG device profiles listed in the setup screen. None of them will work. They all receive various errors. If I follow the directions at the top, and use WiFi-driver reload 2, I can start the application with no errors. However, I can’t see the WiFi SSID listed on any of my devices (tablet and laptop).

    I did a quick search on the Internet and have seen that others are have the same problem as well. So I believe this is a known issue with this phone. My question is…. Has anyone had any luck with getting their Optimus G phone to work with this? Are there any sugesstions?

  138. Sam says:

    For someone with very little knowledge of technical issues regarding a phone, I was able to get free Wi-Fi in a matter of 5 minutes! Really good step-by-step instructions. Thank you so much. The only thing I would specify in the first step is that you first have to install “ES File Explorer” and then open the app, and at the bottom of the app there is a wifitether icon. Click on it and install the package. Also, once the Wifi app is installed, it prompts you to accept or deny superuser permissions. I had to press accept in order for my wifi to work.

  139. Leo says:

    I have a Sprint Galaxy S3. I rooted my phone OTA 4.3. I have the wifi tether thru Treve Mod. After about 3-4 seconds my phone automatically turns of the wifi. Anyone have any suggestions?

  140. Brandon says:

    Does this work on the s3?

  141. Andrew Buxo says:

    LG Esteem
    phone says tethering but laptop does not see the signal.
    any fixes?

  142. Joe says:

    Works as advertised, followed instructions exactly.
    Tmo rooted galaxy s2 running 4.1.2

  143. Tim says:

    I rooted my Huawei ascend plus h881c. Installed and put in the settings above. Everything seemed good. No errors and could see my phone in list of available networks. My problem is I can’t get any computers to successfully connect to the wifi n connection.

  144. john says:

    i did the cf root method but i cant use the wireless tether shown in the video because it keeps saying started with errors and i dont have the mss clamp check box. I have tried several other tether but not luck. And of course this is a sprint phone but i saw something about doing some kind of hotspot unlock. Can i run the philz cwm after this sort of auto root or do i have to unroot and then reroot using the method #1 as you call it?

  145. Ray says:

    I tried this on my Z995 Overture I can get a connection, but can not go anywhere from there, says limited connection. Log says error Loading NAT rules

  146. jimbehr says:

    downloaded and installed in setup no routing fix option in log says diabling routing fix failed only error i have why am i not seeing routing fix option in setup xtez990 custom rom+rooted

  147. Chris says:

    Hi Max,
    I’ve attempted what you suggested about and I’m still getting “Tethering started with errors! Please check ‘Show log’.” The funny thing this used to work right until I had to format my SD Card to remove some corrupted files. Do you have any ideas?

    Which device (manufacturer, type)?
    Sprint – HTC Evo 4G

    Which firmware is installed?
    Android Version 2.3.5

    What version of wireless tether are you using?
    WiFi Tether for Root Users 3.3-beta2 *** BETA ***

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1. When I start the tethering I get “Tethering started with errors! Please check ‘Show log'”
    2. I notice “Enabling Routing Fix … Failed”

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
    I would love this app to work like it once had.

  148. Serge says:

    Great Work,,.!! everything is Ok on Samsung G5 (SM-G870A) , android 4.4.2

  149. Fauzibest says:

    Hi max…
    please help me
    my device lenovo s820 and rooted (android 4.4.2)
    i am connected to net via data using VPN.
    when i activated hotspot..the other client (phone) connect via wifi cant access internet
    i’m trying anything and no luck

    can u teach me how?


  150. Ray says:

    As i said before I tried this on my Z995 Overture, on Cricket Mobile, has anyone come up with a way to get this to work on a ZTE phone, maybe what I have been told is true that this phone’s tether ability has been removed entirely, like not even connected on the chip or main board.

  151. traccbound says:

    Hi Max I have att unlock g3 rooted 4.4.2 under T-Mobile carrier tryin. To use hotspot. I follow ur direction N still not work because I can’t find mss clamping. Can u Please help me.

  152. Terry Towling says:

    It isn’t true – you get charged in the UK (or have to get a more expensive plan).

  153. wildfaeries says:

    This did not work on Samsung Galaxy S5. There was no MSS Clamping option. Driver and driver 2 didn’t work.

  154. janon says:

    mss clamping is not shown on galaxy note 2. Also says tethered with some errors. does not show wifi on other systems to sign in to…

    • dirty says:

      Exact same problems on galaxy s3 lte. No mss clamping option and says started with some errors. Wifi not showing on other devices

  155. Kenny says:

    Does the android device need a carrier?

  156. Kenny says:

    Does the android device need a carrier????
    please reply

  157. wojo71 says:

    This tether program for some reason isnt downloafing the show log file so i cant test to figure out theverrors i have…..need help..THX

  158. ian says:

    something missing in WiFi tether the missing is mss claping

  159. rootuser45 says:

    I have a lg optimus l70 on cricket and when i followed your steps for the wifi tethering, It does not work. Please help

  160. Guillermo says:

    does this work with galaxy s5 metro pcs ? its rooted !!!!

  161. m39 says:

    On e4gt running cm11, with an ics modem, seems to work, haven’t gotten near my tablet since installation, starts with errors, and I have to restart my phone after use to get data working again. However, if all goes well, it beats the ish outta paying 30 more dollars a month. Thanks dude.

  162. Jenny Frye says:

    OK I did everything step by step but there is no “mss clamping” please help!!

  163. Giro says:

    Not sure why u guys are getting problems, try disabling access control, and check the disable wake lock thingy. I don’t have mss clamping and everything worked just fine after I disabled access control

  164. Black Atheists says:

    This didn’t work for my samsung galaxy s3 at all.

  165. Earl Yu says:

    Can you use a usb to connect? i have a mac w/o an airport card

  166. d4lamar says:

    works perfectly thanks using kitkat 4.4.2 lgls660 lg tribute

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