Pokemon Go Cheat/Hack for Android – How to Play Game without Leaving House! [Works on v0.35.0][UPDATE]


When Pokemon Go app was launched, I was really excited to play the game until I found out I can’t get any new Pokemons due to the fact that the game’s support in Thailand is nearly non-existent.  I am staying here in rural part of Chiang Mai, Thailand and found zero Pokemons over the course of few days.  Also I traveled to Bangkok for 10 days and found zero.  This is a really frustrating game for those of you who live outside Pokemon’s release countries such as South Korea where the game only works in rural city near Japan called Sokcho.

UPDATE: This is the ONLY Pokemon Go Android Hack that still works on v0.35.0!  As Niantic has updated its app to detect “Mock Location” but our hack still works since we are “hiding” our Mock Location.

While this game may be wildly popular among youngsters, it’s also a very dangerous game as it makes the user stop in locations to actually get more Pokemons.  An 18-year old recently was killed playing the game, a guy stopped in the middle of the highway causing accidents, and there’s an endless list of Pokemon Go mishaps.

Well, I was finally able to enjoy the game here in Thailand and also make it safer for my 8-year old to play by using the Pokemon Go Controls Xposed module for Android.   This is really easy to do for those of you already rooted with Xposed installed, which many of you probably have already.  If you need a location/GPS spoofing app for Android, this is as best as it gets (the best method, also doesn’t get you banned).  This will work on all Android smartphones/tablets including Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S7, S6, Note 5, etc…etc… and also work on HTC, Motorola, etc…etc…

For those not rooted, you will need a rooted Android smartphone (see here for root instructions for your Android) and then install Xposed. (See Xposed installation instructions here.)

This will work on all Android 6.0, 6.0.1 Marshmallow, 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2, 5.1.1 Lollipop, and 4.4 KitKat.

Once you have done those two things, you can follow this tutorial.

Step 1. Make sure you have Xposed Installer app and framework installed.

You MUST see that Xposed framework is “active” in green letters like below screenshot, if you see red letters, you need to install framwork also, see Xposed installation instructions here.

If you miss this step, your modules WILL NOT WORK!


Step 2. Go to the Download menu in the Xposed Installer app and download “Mock Mock Locations” and “Pokemon Go Controls“.

Note: If you are having trouble installing Mock Mock Locations app (maybe it says it’s incompatible), then you can also use Hide Mock Location app as an alternative which works on any Android 4.0.3 or higher.




Step 3. Once installed, go to the Modules menu and activate them by checking them on.  Reboot.


Step 4.Once rebooted, change your GPS location method to “GPS only”.


Step 5. Launch the Pokemon Go Controls app.


Step 6. Enable mock locations.




Step 7. Use the map to find where you want to start your Pokemon Go.  If you live in a country that does not support Pokemon Go yet, try anywhere in New York City as there’s a ton of Pokemons there.

Once done choosing your starting location, hit the Play button and a virtual joystick will show on screen.


Step 8. Launch Pokemon Go app and tap on the virtual joystick to move around virtually.  No more need to travel, no more accidents, and get more Pokemons quickly without wasting your time outdoors.


Now, if you need to use your GPS again, simply set “Mock location app” back to “None”.

If you cannot see Settings->Developer options, go to Settings->About Phone and hit the Build number a bunch of times until it shows.



For full immunity against bans, you will want to disguise your IP address using VPN so please read up on How to Not Get Banned While Using Pokemon Go Hack! if you are planning to use this Pokemon Go hack for a long term.


Q: Mock Locations isn’t sticking!  It keeps turning off!
A: Try disabling the Xposed modules, reboot, enable Mock Location, re-enable Xposed modules, then reboot.
If that doesn’t work, try using Hide Mock Location instead of Mock Mock Location.
Also, DOUBLE-CHECK that you have Xposed Framework INSTALLED!!! See Step 1!!!

Q: My location keeps moving back and forth!
A: Make sure your GPS location is set to “GPS Only”!!!

Q: Mock Mock Location is incompatible with my device!
A: Use Hide Mock Location instead.

Q: I get “Failed to Detect Location” Error!
A: Make sure your GPS is ON and also set to “GPS Only”!!!

Q: I can’t/don’t want to root my Android, is there another way to do this hack?
A: You can also do a similar GPS spoofing hack, see GPS Spoofing without Root.  This method may get you easily banned though as it use Mock Locations but does not hide it like the Pokemon Go Hack on this tutorial page.  There’s also Fake GPS for Pokemon Go you can check out.

Q: Will this Pokemon Go Hack get me banned?
A: Not if you use common sense and do not transport too often.  Please transport as if you were really traveling to another country.  E.g. If going from India to New York, take a day off between the transport so it’s like you took a day of plane ride to New York.

Other Cool Pokemon Go Hacks to Check Out

  • PokeDetector – If you want to be alerted of nearby Pokemons while not using the hack, you can use PokeDetector to be notified!

63 Responses

  1. westacey says:

    This a great way to get yourself BANNED from Pokemon Go! This was a problem in Ingress (Niantics previous AR Game) people would fake their GPS location and they could play anywhere in the world, it was a significant detriment to players who played legitimately, very frustrating driving for hours collecting keys and coordinating with other players to build fields when someone can sit on their couch and jump to all three locations and take it all down in seconds. Niantic has SOME ability to track this and would ban players guilty of it in ingress, I see no reason why they wouldn’t apply the same thing to Pokemon Go.

    • Alexander Richard Andrianto says:

      Well I have been spoofing from level 1 to 25, and if people who spoofs actually has IQ higher than 2 digit it’s almost impossible to get banned, and please don’t ask how i do it, it literally is everywhere on the internet and it takes less than 15 minutes to do the whole setup from scratch.

  2. Kyle Johnson says:

    Ya.. I tested it on my dev account… Banned almost instantly. I went two miles down the road :

  3. Vassia Des says:

    Done everything up to the point i need to enable mock locations…im on lollipop and my option are different than yours.i enable mock locations but when i get back to pokemon controls mock locations is unchecked and i am stuck at the point where i need to enable it..going back and forth..checking mock locations and automaticly unchecked…any ideas?

  4. Dwima Gita Dirtana says:

    i didn’t find the Pokemon go control on the xposed download, then how to get it?

  5. Subbie Wubbie says:

    It did everything, my device was already rooted. But the thing is the joystick just don’t work and the location just won’t change. No matter what location spoofing app I use, my device’s location is STUCK at Los Angeles, Beverly Hills.

  6. Alex W says:

    Can I do all this through lollypop 5.0 smg900i

  7. Hassan Ali says:

    My phone never boots up past the xposted team win recovery installation when I do this then I need to recover my setting from before again

    In using the DARTHSTALKER rom on my note 5 any ideas?

  8. Cabby Omo says:

    Hi Max,

    I can install xposed installer with correct framework on my son Samsung tab 2

  9. ThatGuy says:

    so I have this setup and it works so so… any help would be appreciated. here is what happens. I get setup in my location of choice and about every 60 seconds it bounces me back to my actual location….

    • ThatGuy says:

      so I fixed it, Uninstall mock mock location reboot phone reinstall mock mock locations. then install rootcoack. open root cloak and add pokemon go to it. after that it worked like a champ.

  10. Lucas De Sousa Silva says:

    Hello i have a little problem i follow all the tips have launch the game but i have a notification “impossible to detect your location “what can i do please helpme

  11. Yael Gutierrez says:

    My Pokemon go always says failed to detect location

  12. Federico _ says:

    Pokemon GO is repeating to me “impossible identify the location”. Is there any solution?

    P.S sorry for my bad English but I’m not a English boy

  13. Vincenzo Sennin Dezio says:

    Hello, I have a problem with the game, I did everything and all the apps work but when I play and I find a pokéstop this doesn’t give me anything! Could be something I did wrong?

  14. XPaul XC says:

    Yeah, that worked for me, as my developer options already had the mock location toggle working properly without using mock mock locations

  15. Lol Poli says:


  16. Jared Johns says:

    Hey, it actually works!!! Thanks for a working solution!!!

  17. Kim Seguritan says:

    Hi Guys after I installed the framework, I rebooted my cellphone and then after rebooting it, my cellphone wont turn back on, I mean it does but only till ‘when it shows “SAMSUNG” ‘ and that’s it. I waited for at least 5mins but its not turning on. What should I do?

  18. timmoty says:

    hello, thanks for your tuturial. i have a problem with the joystick – he doesnt appear.
    i can choose my location through the pokemon controls but the joystick doesnt appear.
    (pokemon go controls 1.3, android 5.1.1)

  19. Nal says:

    Doesnt work anymore? 🙁

  20. Nal says:

    Doesnt work anymore in august

  21. Shiro says:

    Hi my phone work , I can see other Pokemon’s nearby but 1 thing I can’t do is when I’m on pokestop I can’t get anything.

  22. Meep McMeeps says:

    Will this work on non-marshmasllow systems?

  23. Chin Loong says:

    Sir, I cant found my joystick ><
    It didnt appear

  24. rafael Carmo says:

    My problem is here: lauch the Pokemon Go Controls> enable mock locations > mock location app . In my android 4.4.2 i can’t select Pokemon GO Controls because just have one check to allow mock locations. Help please!

  25. Jerome Navalta says:

    Max for some reason i dont have the options to enable pokemon go control on my mock location under developer settings, i am running maximum ovrdrive v8 rom 6.0.1 marshmallow, followed the instructions but i dont have the pokemon go control under mock location options, please i need help

  26. Yotsu says:

    Does anyone know if there’s a current iphone hack that works like this?

    Preferably one not jailbroken, but if it has to be i would like a guide on jailbreaking an iphone 6.

  27. Api Yana says:

    Thanks alot..This reallly work on my xperia z,,,

  28. Bart says:

    Does this work with the new 0.35 version?

  29. Code Breaker says:

    Pokemon go controls app is not displaying in mock location, but i still can use app it just ask me to allow the app to overlay on other app or something like that, is this fine?, or did i do something wrong.

  30. Gab Barrientos says:

    It works once then I go to sleep and tried it again, now it doesn’t work anymore. Always gps not found. Can you help me guys?

  31. James says:

    Can’t find “pokemon go controls” under mock location app. Pls help!

  32. Petrus Viviers says:

    To think you have found the words in English that allow your conscious to rape the innocent integrity of an 8 year old. How vain are you?

  33. Thierry Mathijs says:

    how kan i change the VPN from Belgium to e.g USA to catch some pokemon there?

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  37. Jhonny says:

    Does this pokemon go guide still work?

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