Pokemon Go Hack Android! [No Root][FlyGPS App][0.41.4]


I know many of you were having trouble with the Pokemon Go Cheat/Hack for Android I posted last week since it required a rooted Android device but there’s now a new Pokemon Go Hack for Android that you can do without root.

UPDATE5: October 19th 2016 – This method STILL WORKS up to latest v0.41.4!

UPDATE4: Sept 24th 2016 – This method STILL WORKS on v0.39.0 and v0.39.1 update!

UPDATE3: Sept. 10th 2016 – Niantic has updated to v0.37.0 and this METHOD STILL WORKS ALSO!

UPDATE2: Niantic has updated to v0.35.0 and this METHOD STILL WORKS ALSO!

UPDATE: Niantic has updated to v0.33.0, but this METHOD STILL WORKS!


All you need is any Android smartphone or tablet running on latest Android 6.0 or 6.0.1 Marshmallow.  (You can check this under Settings->About Phone->Android Version, if you have newer devices like Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 7, HTC 10, OnePlus 3, or LG G5, you already have Marshmallow.)

Step 1. Download and install FlyGPS Fake GPS App on the Play Store. (UPDATE: Google has removed it from the Play Store, the ones on Google Play Store are FAKE, please grab it from FlyGPS from APKQuick.com). You can download the FlyGPS APK version here and install it manually.


Step 2. Go into Settings->About Phone and hit the “Build number” about 5 times until it says you have enabled Developer mode.


Step 3. Hit the back button once and you will see “Developer Options” menu, tap on that.  Scroll down to “Mock Locations” then choose “FlyGPS” app.



Step 4. Go into your Location settings and set your GPS settings to “High Accuracy”.



Step 5. Also make sure “Location history” is set to ON.



Step 6. Launch FlyGPS app and choose where you want to start the game.  For example, I chose the nearest metropolitan city near where I live in San Francisco downtown where there are a lot of Pokemons and PokeStops.


Step 7.  Tap on the location you set and tap on “GPS Service Run”.

Step 8. Tap on “JoyStick Location Mode – (Pokemon)”.


Step 9. Launch Pokemon Go app and you should now be in the location you set.  You can use the Joystick to move around!


Note: This hack does not hide “Mock Locations” which means Niantic will know you are using this hack.  But Niantic hasn’t permanently banned people for using this hack.  Just use your common sense.  If you use this hack to reach Level 30, they will probably ban you permanently.  However, if you play Pokemon Go occasionally and for killing time entertainment, they won’t ban you.  You may get soft-banned but you can easily spin the wheel at a nearby PokeStop 30+ times to get unbanned or simply wait a few hours which will also unban you.  If you want to not get banned and you need this hack for long term, see our original Pokemon Go Cheat/Hack for Android.

55 Responses

  1. Kristia Balancad says:

    Why does mine say that it failed to detect my location?

  2. Dante says:

    Thank you so much!

    Actually i ran out of pokeball, and collecting them using GPS is so convenient.

  3. disqus_VyamzYubFb says:

    how did you solved the issue??

  4. fido says:

    Mine does not have the joystick in which ive to jump from one place to another based on Fly GPS

  5. Michael Knight says:

    find the nearest pokestop,spin it and than close it,do that 40x or until you got the items,
    FYI that’s what happens when you got soft ban…

  6. Ir Najmuddin Noordin says:

    Hey there max! Can i use this tool while my phone is rooted??

  7. King Chitin says:

    Pokestops don’t work for me, and pokemon flee right away? Anyone know why?

  8. Man MING MIN says:

    my joystick didnt come out… why ? any1 encounter this issue?

  9. Hector says:

    I activated the builder number but forgot to press developer options

  10. Lutfi Hakim says:

    I can’t find Mock location pls help me
    I use Samsung j7 lolipop 5.1.1

  11. Peter Wha says:

    i tap buid number 5 times but no developer enable.. my phone is XIaomi Mi3.

  12. Ronak says:

    Hey, It works on my phone. The only problems I am having are
    1) Its sometime the screen splashes and it sends me back to my current location.
    2) The joystick disappears after few seconds.
    Please reply if any got any solution…

    • sheeta says:

      1) it happens to me to, I don’t know why. i tot the phone is too hot at 1st.i use an USB fan and suddenly it works again ( i mean no flashing) but i believe it has nothing to do with the fan, just work suddenly.
      2) I try to open and set location again and back to the game and it works.

  13. Andrei Peter says:

    I can use the Location wherever i want.! But i cant take no pokestops.! And i cant catch the Pokemon.!? why?????
    Please help.!!!!!!

    • David Iskandar says:

      thats a softban… you cant change location too often in a day, and walk slowly… to remove it, simply visit a pokestop and spin at least 30 times (spin then out, spin then out)

  14. cantflyonphone says:

    I can walk around and even
    that’s bout all game constantly can’t find gps signal as long as the mock setting is on thus make this total us less, I think the have found a fight for it…. if you know how to fix this I’ve been looking all over can’t find anything I’m on a Samsung galaxy note 2

  15. Raymond says:

    Why do you need to turn on location history? will it work without it?

  16. nico says:

    Max Lee i need your Help i cant play

  17. Ver Ronaldo says:

    Sir can you help me root my phone. In simplest way.. I want to use the other hack but i cant root my phone. Its skk chronus ace. Tnx in advance. 🙂

  18. Ver Ronaldo says:

    Guys can anyone help me root my skk chronus ace. Please. And its better if you teach me in simplest way. Tnx.

  19. Ali UD says:

    Totally hopeless, I get
    “Faild to detect location” whatever I do.
    Please I need a help.

  20. Ph Ku says:

    Bei mir kommt dann beim starten von Pokemon Go: Standort konnte nicht geortet werden. Und es erscheinen keine Pokemons und Pokestops. Bitte Helfen

  21. Ariel J. Tancinco says:

    After i run flygps No joystick appear on my screen. what should i do?

  22. Akshay says:

    It worked for me for a day, but now whenever I go any location within 5 minutes it does a soft ban. I am only trying locations with-in 20 miles of where I live and not trying too quick jumps also. Still it doesn’t like me using this for more than 5 minutes.

  23. JG Eugene says:

    When I opened the Pokemon app after I used the flygps, it still puts me in the location I’m at. How?

  24. Ignác Bolebruch says:

    Fly GPS always asks me to “allow mock location” even if I have set a Fly GPS as a mock location app. any suggestions?

  25. zeik says:

    This rules on Nox? Thank u!!!

  26. L. Feliz says:

    uis Feliz September 29, 2016 at 8:40 am
    Hi there. My pokemon go wont let me catch any pokemon anymore. I try using the fly gps and it was working last night and today it will let me walk around. But wont let me get anything from pokestop or cath any pokemon. Once i throw the ball it catch but then they escape and dissaper. They no longer in there. What could it be. I havent gone out of the country or anything. With fly gps. So now i dont know whats going on. What should i do? Thank you.

  27. Lazo11 says:

    I can’t catch any pokemon and can’t spin amy pokestop

  28. alberto deleon says:

    Is not working anymore

  29. Vini Galafassi says:

    With the new update of pokemon go, the hack it’s not work anymore… Can you Fix it?

  30. Misty says:

    Hello i downloaded the new version of go fly and everything seems to be goin as shown but when i go for the joystick pokemon doesnt even show up as an option please help anyone

  31. Anmol says:

    Work perfectly on mine but don’t know when I’ll get banned. Finger crossed.

  32. Tinkerloos says:

    Does this work on a galaxy s8 plus? Nougat android 7.
    I ordered this phone. I dont have it yet,but im curious if it will work.

  33. Gabriel killer says:

    Ohh god this app very useful to me I can run out where I can and I can get legend Pokemons

  34. siddi says:

    mine even not showing the option of joystick pokemon move just two options move and fixed mode please help my android version is 4.4.2 please help me

  35. Camcam says:


  36. Light says:

    Its showing failed to detect location plz help

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