Pokemon Go Hack for Android Lollipop/KitKat/Marshmallow! [No Root][Tutuapp]


In our last Pokemon Go Hack, we showed you how to play the game with a joystick but it required an Android device running on Android 6.0/6.0.1 Marshmallow.  A lot of you were requesting a non-root method to play the game with a joystick on older Android devices.  Well, we found another great solution that works on all Android versions including Android Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat, and even Jelly Bean!
UPDATE: This hack also works on latest v0.33.0 and v0.35.0!  For v0.35.0, you just need to keep using the modded v0.33.0 instead of updating!

If you have Android 6.0/6.0.1, you can try the easier method here.

Now, the Pokemon Go Hack isn’t for you to cheat the game so you can get to Level 40 and take over your local gym.  If you do that you will get banned permanently.  But this hack is for those of you who cannot walk outside, perhaps disabled or live in a hot/cold country.  And perhaps you just want to try out the game without walking.  Whatever the reason, we highly suggest you to use this hack if you are not serious about reaching Level 40.   While it may help those who are not able to go outside to enjoy the game, please use common sense and don’t ruin others’ experiences by abusing it.

With that said, here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Check your Android version.  This Pokemon Go Hack will work on most Android versions including Android 6.0/6.0.1 Marshmallow, 5.0/5.0.1/5.0.2/5.1.1 Lollipop, 4.4/4.4.2/4.4.3/4.4.4 KitKat, and 4.2/4.2.1/4.2.2 Jelly Bean.


Step 2. Download and install Tutuapp APK.


Once downloaded, you may have to use a file explorer like ES File Explorer to install the Tutuapp APK.  You may also have to check “Unknown Sources” ON in Settings.


Step 3. Once Tutuapp APK is installed, launch the app.  If the app asks for “Application permissions”, just make sure everything is off so the app cannot access your phone.

Simply install Tutuapp APK but YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RUN IT!  But you do have to have it installed for the modded Pokemon Go app to work!


Step 4. Tap on the Pokemon app to download the hacked Pokemon Go app.

UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS: Download the modded Pokemon Go Hacked APK v0.33.0 here instead.  This also works on v0.35.0 update (by not updating!).


Step 5. Once downloaded, use your file explorer app to install the APK file.



Step 6. Make sure Location is turned on!


Step 7. Launch the Pokemon Go app (in Chinese characters) and enjoy Pokemon Go using joystick.  You can also make the joystick go faster by tapping on the icon like shown below:


If you want to teleport to another location where there’s more Pokemons(such as New York, San Francisco, LA), press on the globe icon.


Then input your GPS coordinates here.

For San Francisco, input:

For New York, input:

For Los Angeles, input:



Q: My Google Account is NOT signing in!
A: This hack only support Pokemon Trainer Club accounts, you can sign up for one at Pokemon’s site.

Q: This hack isn’t working for me!  But I have Android 6.0/6.0.1 Marshmallow.
A: You can also try our other Pokemon Go Android Hack using FlyGPS if you have Marshmallow.

Q: This hack isn’t working for me still!
A: You can also root your Android and use this Pokemon Go Android Hack.


80 Responses

  1. Razor Abbraham says:

    When i open pokemon go app, it stuck when login. What should I do bruh?

    • Simeon Lilenstein says:

      You have to log in with pokemon trainer acc for it to work. if trainer account unavailable keep reloading the page

      • Razor Abbraham says:

        Ok finish with login problem. I got make new account and it work btw thanks. But the next problem is always show gps signal not found. What should i do? High accuracy is on and i open google map and the gps is working fine, what wrong when i open pokemon gps always not found. Any cue?

  2. fariq Afham says:

    It says app could not install.. why?

  3. shaikh salam says:

    Hey their in my app joystick is working I wish you could help me my phone is lollipop 5.1is it bcoz of that plz reply me

  4. sengoku00 says:

    update 0.33.0 please

  5. Mikael Abordo says:

    Any release for v0.33.0 thank you!

  6. Thekiff says:

    It’s worked fine… But know if I open Pokémon go it’s says me new update available please install it… If I click OK it sends me to playstore…

  7. frank eldridge says:

    How long for the update?

  8. Zack says:

    Oh god I am praying for an update from tutu when I wake up.. I’ve become spoiled on this hack and only need a lapras to complete my collection then I can play legit again haha oh the PAINNNNN!

  9. Thekiff says:

    The update is available!!!!!! Go on tutuapp an you will see the new Pokémon go update

  10. Edmer Libramonte says:

    My Joystick is not working for the new update.. How will it work???

  11. Edmer Libramonte says:

    Who are here that are not exp probLem After the UPdate..
    example: Joystick prob (not moving even you tap the cursor), Pokemon running away, pokestop, etc..

  12. Thekiff says:

    Have you delete the original Pokémon go ??? Try to delete tutuapp and the Pokémon go from tutuapp and download it again.. You will need ES Datei Explorer from playstore to install it

  13. Unnamed says:

    How to change the country? Im from malaysia.

  14. Zack says:

    After the new tutu update the Pokemon go hacked app keeps crashing , is anyone else having this problem??

  15. earrrl says:

    my joy stick will not work

  16. Zack says:

    To anyone experiencing the app crashing I believe it is due to the massive amounts of downloads it is getting right now, I have seen it receive over 1,000,000 downloads in the last hour alone

  17. Delikt says:

    Can you tell how to change your starting location? I don’t want to always start in San Francisco…

    • Zack says:

      you would have to logout everytime before you get off and then before you sign in enter the gps cooridnates. If for some reason you get kicked out of the game before you can sign out just uninstall pokemon go and reinstall to get logged out.

  18. Bobi says:

    hello…i already download the tutuapp…but there no such pokemon go installer in the app….im from malaysia

  19. Danne says:

    There isn’t any joystick when I open the app. Help please.

  20. Napexy Sowwffyy says:

    new york and los angeles is not working. when i enter the map code. it brings me to a blank map. help please

  21. Jacob O'Brien says:

    Pokemon go has been removed from tutapp

  22. Wes Williams says:

    is there a hack for android 5.1??

  23. John16MD says:

    how can you chance your spawn point? i can’t read chinese characters lol

  24. Rianda Hardi Dewanta says:

    I can’t find pokemon go on Tutuapp anymore…what should i do then?

  25. Peter Leo says:

    Mine doesn’t open, just makes the screen flash ones and then I get a message in Chinese(?)

  26. jake says:

    Tutuapp don’t show the pokemon app.

  27. jake says:

    Tutuapp don’t show the pokemon app. What should i do? Can’t anyone just give me a direct link for the downloaded pokemon go app? Help please…..

  28. Wilson says:

    So I’m able to open and run the app but I don’t have the joystick or any additional features. It’s just regular pokemon go except I’m in New York

  29. Demon Angel says:

    how to set default location???

  30. Demon Angel says:

    The logo of Pokemon Go in Tutuapp is the Red Icon / Red Pokeball

  31. David Baquerizo says:

    If you get the tutu app, it still has the pokemon app, but its just a red square with white circles.
    also make a new account so that you dont mess up your current one. This just makes sure that nothing really bad happens. You can get soft bans and all that, but you wouldnt really want to mess your main one up.

  32. Desmond Yee says:

    Pokemon Go From TutuApp …..Not Installed (error) android 6.0

  33. andrew says:

    The tuttuapp got rid of the pokemon go hack what do I do now

  34. Lucky Jaiswal says:

    I’ve been playing Pokemon Go with my google account and not as a Pokemon Trainer…
    Now, i am at Level 23 & would like to use this hack… I’ve reached Level 23 by conventional (Honest) way so far…
    But, now if things allow, i would like to go ahead with this hack, but could anyone guide me how can i play using my old id (google id) instead of logging in as trainer… SInce, i’ll have start all together again… 🙁 as a Pokemon Trainer… Thanks..

  35. jianna tuber says:

    Mam/Sir i was able to download the hack and able to play it for almost 3 days… but today.. when i log in to the game i was not able to get any pokeballs from any pokestop also all the pokemon i catch just ran away?? Help me guyz fix this problem.. i would gladly appreciate it.. thanks..

  36. ggman123 says:

    Works for me but with no added features and joystick except that Im in New York. What to do guys?

  37. Tom says:

    Hi Max! When I open v0.33.0 it’s asking to “Update to continue…” I read from your article you said, “For v0.35.0 update, you just need to keep using 0.330 modded Pokemon Go so DON’T UPDATE and keep using v0.33.0.” What to do to keep using the v0.33.0? Thanks!

  38. Don Lima says:

    does it still work with the Buddy update? the PokeGo app asks me “Update to continue”

  39. Lozz says:

    even when using a pokemon trainer account i still get that im unable to authenticate

  40. vinay says:

    Can You send me the latest app update version of pokemon go hacked version.

  41. Nisar says:

    When I open it it automatically close and says some thing in chinese at my mobile corner.

  42. Ayushman says:

    when I enter my pokemon go trainers club it indicate “unauthorized account” what should i do

  43. mayur says:

    I have android lollipop 5.1 but app is saying not installed

  44. Aditya says:

    When I downloded pokemon go from tutuapp and opened it ,it says Unable to authenticate please try again so what should I do anyone can answer please

  45. Jackson says:

    It won’t let me log in to my pokemon trainer acc

  46. Jackson says:

    That happened to me to aditya

  47. Michael Collas says:

    Whenever I try to login it says unable to authenticate

  48. bhavesh says:

    My device 7.0 nougat version Pokemon go modded not working please help me

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