The Battle Cats Game Review!


Probably my favorite Android game of all time is The Battle Cats.  Although I try to stay away from games as I have very addictive personality and would not get anything done playing games, I was introduced to this game by my daughter Peony who plays a ton of games on her Galaxy S4 running Resurrection Remix ROM.

The Battle Cats game involves the player fighting other animals with different types of cats and you can upgrade them to have more power.  The game also provides the player with cat capsules on a daily basis so you can receive new type of cats to help you battle.  Also, the game involves going to different countries around the world.  Once you conquer all of them, you can go to higher stages involving new opponents.

Overall, this is a very addictive game and fun way to kill time but one thing I like as a parent is that the game doesn’t allow you to play all day.  Every time you battle, you use up your energy meaning eventually you will not have enough energy to play more games.  You energy will slowly regain over time and when you have enough energy, you can play the game again.  While very additive, I like this feature as my daughter will not end up playing the game all day long.  You can also buy energy through in-app purchases if you really want to play but I just clone the game on my other Android devices using Titanium Backup app so I can play it on multiple devices for longer.

If you haven’t played The Battle Cats yet, definitely give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!  And that is the first game review by Peony, let me know what you think as she may do more game reviews.

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