Best Buy Black Friday Android Smartphone Deals Under $40! [2016]


If you guys want to check out the best Best Buy Black Friday Android Smartphone deals under $40, I have just gone to the store a few hours and bought all Android phones under $40.

In this video, I unbox every one of them and give you my thoughts.  But my best choice is the LG Tribute which is on sale for $19.99 on Black Friday as the best deal.  As a phone review, I am AMAZED at what you get for just under $20, a 5-inch HD screen with great viewing angles, slim & lightweight design, quad-core 1.3Ghz processor and a killer price!  The UI runs super smooth and especially I really dig the screen along with very good touchscreen.

While this phone isn’t for everyone if you have someone in your family (such as a young kid) that may benefit from a new smartphone, this may be the greatest Christmas gift ever!  I am actually giving all of these phones out to my family and friends, especially kids who are always borrowing their parent’s phones.  I am sure you are guilty of letting your 5-year old borrow your brand, new $800 smartphone.  Don’t do that, buy them one of these LG Tribute phones, they work fine without activating and they can use it all day on WiFi no problem to watch movies, play video games, etc…etc…


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