Galaxy Note 8 KILLER DEAL for Black Friday/Cyber Monday! [$779!]

Want a KILLER deal on the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 this Black Friday and Cyber Monday?  Traditionally, Note series have not been discounted during Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend but this year, you may just be able to save around $170 or 20% OFF its $950 retail prices.

U.S. Unlocked Model w/ Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 = SM-N950U

International Unlocked Model w/ Exynos 8895 = SM-N950F and SM-N950FD (FD is dual-sim)

First, I do recommend going for fully, unlocked versions of the Note 8.  There are 2 different types of unlocked versions, one U.S. model w/ Snapdragon 835 processor(SM-N950U) and the other international model w/ Exynos processor.(SM-N950F or SM-N950FD, “FD” model is identical to the regular “F” model but has dual-SIM.  The dual-SIM also supports micro-SD card as one of the SIM slots also support micro-SD.  Also, the Exynos model is slightly faster in benchmarks than Qualcomm model and more battery-efficient with 1-2 hours longer battery life

Second, the U.S. model is a full GSM/CDMA hybrid phone that supports all AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon.  If you have Sprint or Verizon, you will need the U.S. model since the international models do not have CDMA support.  The international model on the other hand only accepts GSM networks like AT&T or T-Mobile.

Third, U.S. model has locked bootloader meaning you may be able to root but not install custom ROMs while the international model has unlocked bootloader and you will be able to install custom software in the future.(e.g. Next year in 2018 when the Note 9 comes out, you will be able to install Note 9 custom ROM on your international Note 8 but not the U.S. model.)

Fourth, U.S. model supports Samsung Pay while many of the international models do not even have it.  This is because some countries don’t have Samsung Pay yet.  But if you are going to root your phone anyways, you won’t be using Samsung Pay on the international models.

Fifth, the international models have higher re-sale value since it can be used on any GSM network while many carrier-branded Note 8 such as the dreaded Verizon model re-sale value is usually $100-200 less due to the fact it is locked and also its worldwide GSM mode does not support non-Verizon 4G LTE networks.

You can grab the U.S. model on Amazon right now for just $779(SM-N950U) and the international model on eBay for just $789(SM-N950FD)

If you do find a better price on unlocked models, do let me know in the comment box below but I think these are the absolute-bottom and the best prices you will find on the Galaxy Note 8 during this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.  Happy shopping!

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