Top 5 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Android Deals of 2017!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend is FINALLY HERE where you can grab some Android phones for much less than usual.  I tried my best to pick best deals based on price, specs, long-term re-sale value.

  1. Google Home Mini is on sale for $29(regular $49) plus $10 gift card.  Check out Black Friday/Cyber Monday Google Home Mini Deal here.
  2. Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus are probably one of the best deals since Note 8 just came out.  Check out Best Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals here.
  3. Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge are still one of the best smartphones and you can get a used models for near $200 and new models near $400.  Check out Black Friday/Cyber Monday Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Deals here.
  4. LG is offering $400 cashback visa card for purchase of LG V30 or V30+ along with another LG purchase.  Rebate matches your second purchase so make sure to buy something at least $400 to get the full rebate.  Check out LG V30 Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal.
  5. LG V20 unlocked version(GSM/CDMA hybrid) that can be used on both GSM/CDMA(all AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon supported) is on sale for just $319.99.  This may be the best deal on last year’s Android smartphone.  Check out Black Friday/Cyber Monday LG V20 Deals.

EXTRA – Looking for a good tablet, check out Galaxy Tab S3 which is an awesome tablet.  See Black Friday/Cyber Monday Android tablet deal on Tab S3.

EXTRA UPDATE – You can now get the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for $789 on Black Friday, see Best Galaxy Note 8 Deal for Black Friday/Cyber Monday! [$789.99]

I know there are more deals but I tried to pick the best ones that will give the most value for your money.  Who cares if you get something at 90% off if you don’t ever use it or the product simply sucks?  For this year, I am going to try hard to only get the deals I really want and I hope my Top 5 picks help you get some deals!  Happy Thanksgiving, eat some turkey!

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