How to Cheat ANY Android Game w/ Macro Auto Click! [Bee Swarm Simulator Hack][Android Game Hack #1]

Recently, I started playing a Roblox game called “Bee Swarm Simulator” with my daughter Peony and the game requires the user to collect pollen.  Now, on Android devices, this requires the user to repetitively press the touchscreen for 10-20 minutes to acquire more pollen to make honey.  Well, I am almost 40 and have trouble with my hands when it comes to tapping my screen repetitively.  I couldn’t play the game for long on my Android smartphone and wanted to find a better way to do it without hurting my hands.

Thanks to my expertise in Android, I was able to find a solution using a “macro app”, that will allow you to repeat things and automate it, specifically anything you do on the touchscreen.  I found this app called “Touch Macro” which worked out great.  Now, even though the app says “no root” and it does work without root, my best advice is to root your Android first as many of these game hack apps work best with rooted phones.

Anyways, here’s how to do it on a rooted Android phone:

Step 1.  Install the Touch Macro app and open it.

Step 2. You should see a superuser request window, make sure to hit “Allow” and the app should say, “This device is rooted. Ready to start.”

Tap on “Start”.

Also you can set the number of repetitions here under “Repeat replay” and mess with any other options you need to mess with.

You should see a pop-up window for play and record as shown below.

Step 2. Tap on “+” to make a new macro file.

You can name it whatever you want.

Step 3. Open the Android game you want to play then hit record.  Tap on the touchscreen with the actions you want to repeat.  Now, click-and-drag DOES NOT record so make sure to do simple swipes instead for controlling the joystick.

For Bee Swarm Simulator, I simply swipe up and down and hit the touchscreen multiple times.

Once done, hit the stop button.

Step 3. Tap the Play button and watch as the macro app repeats your actions over and over again for you.

This can work out great for those of you with arthritis like myself or perhaps it is physically hard for you to tap on the screen many times due to lost fingers.  Enjoy!


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