Why OnePlusOne Invites Suck and Galaxy S4 Active Giveaway! [CLOSED]


In order to mitigate your pain of not being able to get a OnePlusOne invite, we are giving away Galaxy S4 Active!


This is one of Galaxy S4 Active I have that I only used for a Pool Test but there’s no scratches, no water damage, and is practically brand, new.

Winner will receive (almost) brand, new Galaxy S4 Active along with 2 HighOnAndroid T-shirts (X or XL only).

To enter contest you must do all of the following:

1. Subscribe to Zedomax YouTube channel
2. Share this video on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+

You can use these links to share easily & quickly:

Twitter: http://bit.ly/S4ActiveGiveawayTW
Facebook: http://bit.ly/S4ActiveGiveawayFB
Google+: http://bit.ly/S4ActiveGiveawayGP

3. Join our HighOnAndroid Google+ Community here:

4. Sign up for our HighOnAndroid E-Mail List:

That’s it! Make sure you do all of them because we will ask the winner to provide proof.

We will be announcing winner on August 7th, 2014 on 12PM PST! August 6th, 2014 on 12PM PST! (Sorry my parents coming to U.S. from Korea at 12:30PM on that day so I am moving the announcement to August 7th, 2014 12PM PST!)

Wanna win more stuff?  My friend over at Rootjunky.com is also giving out LG G watches, Chromebook, and Nexus 7!

41 Responses

  1. Rick Ramo says:

    Glad I saw the drawing video, I had been on the roots2 and was wondering why I had not been getting the HoA mail. Do’h, forgot to subscribe to new system. 2xDo’h. Off to mulch in 4th of july firecrackers with the lawnmower. Enjoy the summer, thanks for the drawing opportunity.

  2. Tomas Cruz says:

    OnePlus one invites suck cus when everyone will get the phone, it WILL be to too old to matter!

  3. Alex says:

    Is it international? :]

  4. gil says:

    my s4 always restarting…
    i rooted it also is this the cause of it

    • Roman says:

      Not really sure but S2 was notorious for this. It was the actual hardware power button. The only fix was to replace the button. Not sure if this is your problem though.

  5. AndroidNinja4 says:

    It wont send me the confirmation link for my email. Yes iv tried it again just to make sure.

  6. glenn says:

    This guy had me laughing so hard, I spit out my beer.
    great job…

  7. dze says:

    I love to get that s4.

  8. thian yun fung says:

    Giveaway? I wanna try this.. Hopefully there is a luck..

  9. Luis Medina says:

    Woo! A giveaway! Hahaha
    Nice video, you’re crazy man!

  10. muhammed says:

    I neeeed that phone .

  11. Dallas Mitchell says:

    Show me the phoney.

  12. Susan Smith says:

    I completed all of the steps

  13. Ernesto Vigil says:

    I’m a golden god and I did every step in triplicate!

  14. Khin says:

    Completed the steps, Hope I get to win 🙂

  15. Tashanna says:

    Completed all test. Hope I win

  16. vineet says:

    Never win any of these.. Maybe this time

  17. Sean says:

    I’ve completed all the steps.

  18. Jason Lee says:

    I win this time hopefully

  19. Ty says:

    Everything’s done! 😀

  20. Edward says:

    Done. Crossing fingers.

  21. David says:

    I’ve been waiting for a opo invite for a really long time, and it never arrives. It really sucks. Hopefully will get a S4 Active. Thanks

  22. vivek says:

    Hi Maxx…

    All procedure done..now waiting for the results… I hope its an international giveaway 🙂

    Even If not I love to keep your name spreading all over the world… cheers bro

  23. Tony says:

    Your intro is awesome

  24. Austin says:

    Wow, this is an amazing giveaway!!

    I could really use this phone. I’m stuck on a very old phone!!

    Thank you for the contest!!!!

    Much respect.

  25. Lufan androkidd says:

    I have entered many contests and have never won. I hope i win. Bye folks i have an android headache

  26. Charles Vinoth says:

    Completed all the steps……..Hope I win……..

  27. James Godfrey says:

    Keep making videos Zedomax and I’ll keep on watching.

  28. Sue Walton says:

    Hi Max I just bought a Samsung galaxy tab s and I was wondering if you might be able to help me root it. I live in Canada if that really makes any difference . I would greatly appreciate your help with this problem that I am encountering. Thank you hope to hear from you soon

  29. Florian says:

    All step completed. I also burned a candle, recite dark magic incantation, sacrified a cow (just kidding it was already dead, grilled it with kimichi, yummy).

  30. CollinH says:

    I wish I could win that phone.

  31. nachiketa says:

    Done, hope to win at last time 😀

  32. CollinH says:

    I hope there is luck

  33. Varun says:

    12:00, I’m ready!

  34. farah says:

    -fingers crossed-

  35. James says:

    any more OnePlus invites out there???

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