How to Change Samsung Pass Autofill to Google SmartLock or LastPass!

For those of you with Samsung smartphone, you may have noticed something odd, that Samsung phones default your app passwords to Samsung Pass, which is Samsung’s own password manager.  Now, before Samsung Pass, Google Android already had its own password manager system using Google’s own SmartLock.   A few years back when Samsung started changing the default autofill to Samsung Pass, I suddenly could not use my Google SmartLock to enter my app passwords automatically.  While the solution is very simple, I was too lazy to fix it and just started hating Samsung for using Samsung Pass.

Well, the other day I finally took the time to dig into the settings and it’s very easy to change it back to Google SmartLock or even any other password manager apps such as LastPass.  You can even just completely disable it if you don’t need it.

Here’s how to fix it on any Samsung Android smartphone and also works for any other Android smartphones(I had to change it also on my Xiaomi phones).

Works for all Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8, Note 9, Note 8 etc…etc…  And should work fine for all other Androids.

Step 1. Go into Settings and search for “autofill” and you should find a menu similar to “Autofill service” depending on the Android  smartphone you are using.

Choose “Autofill service”

Step 2. Change your autofill service to Google(which will change to Google SmartLock) or you can also use any other password manager app such as Lastpass.  It should show up if you install the Lastpass app.

Once changed, your autofill service now uses Google!

Step 3. Force close any running apps then open the app you want to have password autofilled.  After the change, now I can access all my usernames/passwords using Google SmartLock.


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