How to Film Sliding Shots w/ Android Smartphone!

For those of you who want to get that cinematic look, you will definitely want to invest in a slider.  In the past, I have been using Edelkrone slider, which is an awesome slider but after buying its motorized slider unit, the total cost comes to over $1000 plus it is very heavy.

Well, there is a new product on the market called the “Grip Gear Movie Maker Electronic Slider” that has been designed for smartphones and it is super lightweight!  While I was skeptical before ordering this as it only cost $100, after using it for over a week I can say this is the best portable slider out on the market that you can use with your smartphone or compact camera.   While this won’t replace all my sliding shots, this will definitely replace my sliding shots when I travel as it can be disassembled into very small pieces and won’t take up much room in my camera bag.

If you are trying to get those awesome sliding shots with your smartphone, definitely get one of these as I highly recommend it.

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Also check out:

(Works also well with my Sony RX100M4.)

There is also a panning unit that allows you to get those smooth pans without a tripod and fluid head.

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