How to Fix 3G/4G LTE Data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Many users have told me their 3G/4G LTE data network connection is broke after installing a custom ROM.  Well, in most of these cases, it can easily be fixed by manually setting the APN (Access Point Name).  This applies to any GSM networks such as AT&T or T-Mobile.  For CDMA networks like Sprint or Verizon, they also use APNs but you don’t have to set them and should work out of the box.

Every carrier uses its own APN Settings to get its 3G/4G LTE network working on an Android smartphone or tablet device.  Now, these APN settings are usually “downloaded” automatically to your phone when you insert a SIM card.  BUT, there are times where the APN are not selected automatically OR when the APN settings are not downloaded.

In those instances, your 3G/4G LTE data will not work but that can easily be fixed.

Step 1. First, browse your Settings menu and find the “Access Point Names” menu.  This is usually under “Mobile Network Settings” or “More Mobile Networks” or “Mobile Networks” under Settings menu depending on the Android device used.



Step 2. Once you are in the APN Settings menu, first thing you should check it that the APN is on the correct one.  If the correct APN is not checked (sometimes this happens), simply check ON the correct APN for your carrier.  That will make your 3G/4G LTE data working right away.


Step 3. There are also times where the wrong APN is listed or there’s simply no APNs listed.  In these rare cases, you can simply add a new APN, hit the “+” button.


Step 4. For APN setting, the “Name” can be anything.  “APN” setting is the most important, usually you only have to fill this out for your phone to work.

For T-Mobile, you can set the “APN” to “”.  AT&T, you can set “APN” to “phone” or “pta”.

Now setting “APN” will get your data working but you still need to input additional settings to get your MMS working.


Step 5. You can usually Google APN settings for your carrier.  Whether you are in Thailand or in the U.S., simply Google for your APN settings like:

Google “t-mobile APN 4G LTE” for T-Mobile 4G LTE APN settings in the U.S.

Google “True Move APN 3g” for True Move 4G APN settings in Thailand.

Eventually, you should be able to find the full APN settings for your carrier whether you live in Hawaii or on North Pole.

Once you have the correct APN settings, simply input them into your APN settings on the phone.



Step 6. Hit “Save” when done.


Step 7. Next, make sure to select the new APN Setting you have saved.  Within 5-30 seconds, your phone should start picking up 3G or 4G LTE signals and your data should be working again on the phone.



Q: Is there easier way to do this?
A: Yes, there are several APN-related apps on Play Store that may have APN settings for your country’s carrier.  The reason why I show you how to set it manually is because sometimes these apps may not have the APN setting for your country/carrier.  Also this is the method you can use without downloading any apps.

UPDATE: You can also do the same for Sprint or Verizon if you don’t get signal automatically, see Sprint 4G LTE APN.

Here’s APN settings for U.S. T-Mobile and AT&T Networks:


Name: PTA
APN: pta
MMS Proxy:
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
Auth: none
APN type: default,mms,supl,hipri

T-Mobile 4G LTE APN

Name: Tmobile
MMS Proxy:
MCC: 310
MNC: 260
APN type: default




82 Responses

  1. john G says:

    i Max,

    Luv your how to videos. I tried to put two custom roms on my tab. I tried 4.2.2 and also the 4.4 both times I got a failed message less then 10 seconds after it started. I know you have some questions.

    Rooted: Yes
    I wiped everything
    Have new version of TWRP
    Downloaded Rom from link on your site
    Downloaded micro gap from link on your site

    I know this is vague but do you know what I could have done wrong for it to fail right away.

    John G.

  2. Eric O. says:

    On my Rooted/Flashed (ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.4.3) Galaxy Note i717, running Android 4.4.4, Liquidsmooth 3.0 (official) + 3.0.101-Uber Kernel, won’t store APNs after manual (T-Mobile) New Sim Card)) input. On boot-up it is asking for “SIM network unlock PIN”. If Att account has outstanding balance, does rooting the device still “Unlock” it? How do i get it to “Save” after APN data input? As it clears all info when i hit save, APN screen is blank. Hitting “Dismiss” on boot-up, then Mobile Networks>Network Operators>T-Mobile…”Registering”…says, “Your SIM card doesn’t allow access to this network” ?!? Brand new T-Mobile SIM. Please help:( Thanks, Eric.

    • Max Lee says:

      Rooting is different from SIM unlock, try to unlock your SIM, it costs money but it works and quick.

  3. Fernando Flores says:

    Fixed Sprint 3g/4g LTE Data issue for Sprint. Sprint does not have the APN menu option mentioned above. Here are the steps I took to restore my data access..
    1) Need to be running under a TouchWiz ROM, such as JellyBomb Domination, which was recently reviewed here.
    2) When JellyBomb first boots, it will attempt to Activate your phone as if it was a new phone out of the box. If it doesn’t, enter ##72786# in the dial pad, this will force it to activate, which will then cause your phone to reboot.
    3) Once rebooted, if you try to make a phone call and you get a recorded message that say’s something like “Error number 16 with xxx” then you need to call Sprint so that they can verify and activate your phone. They have a special number set up just for “Error 16” errors: 877-560-7092.

    After spending a day and a half trying to find the solution, I deleted the Spirit ROM from my computer!


    • Max Lee says:

      Actually that has nothing to do with the ROM itself. That’s strictly a Sprint error that happens randomly sometimes. I had that happen on a brand new Galaxy S4 last year, the only way to fix is to take it to the store and they gave me a new phone. I believe this is some kind of bug that happens on Sprint network.

  4. Michael says:

    Anybody Please help in the following are for Oppo Find 7 Astro Black US Version.
    in order t have this device to work on 4G LTE with AT&T Provider do i need to provide the provider with the IMEI number from the box, or they need to use the IMEI fro any other active AT&T device on top of setting up the proper APN Protocol/ proxy settings.
    is there is anybody in the forum of OPPO find7 to assist??
    Thank you all

  5. kkhan says:

    I have installed the MAHDI rom on T-mobile Galaxy s4 SGH-m919. everything went fine. But when the phone gets locked the mobile data gets switched off automatically and when phone is unlocked it data is back up again

  6. Chris says:

    Since updating my Rom to Beanstalk My apn settings are blank on T-Mobile SG3. When I try to input them manually, they won’t save, it just defaults back to the black screen with the option to add, ever heard of this happening?

  7. Dwight says:

    Please help me!!! I have a I717 that keeps dropping the at&t network. Inside or outside and i dont know why.I tried taking the phone back to stock rom and no change. Is there anything that i can do???

  8. T.A. says:

    Hi Max,

    I flashed echoe rom on my tmobile s4 with your instructions, everything works fine but im not getting any service. tried setting APN as shown here but still no change. should I flash a diferent radio or modem or something? are those even real things? (I’m a total noob)


    • T.A. says:

      It seems that I get service after a minute of having the phone unlocked, but the service is lost immediately when the screen times out, it wont come back until a minute or so after I unlock the screen again. “smart network” is not enabled… anyone else have this issue?

  9. vash stampede says:

    I have an SII X T989D (running on stock ICS 4.0.4). Rooted it and tried installing custom ROM (LiquidSmooth JB 4.2.2.-Linario-Cl3kenel). It seemed that everything is ok until I realized that I haven’t been receiving text messages. So I tried calling but it’s “Unattended” though it displays full bar signals (Smart/Globe).

    Would you know what have I done wrong? (just followed instructions from a site).
    Could you please help me fix this issue.

  10. Robert says:

    I installed the Echoe rom for Sprint Galaxy s4 and do the APN thing and 4g works, but Play Store get Server Error and the Chrome says ” I dont have connection” and the web pages dont open.

  11. columban says:

    No service after installing this rom on a t989

  12. Fontainne says:

    I have an unlocked AT&T HTC One M7. I am with T-Mobile. I can’t send nor download photos send via messaging. I did the above, but to no avail. Help?

  13. Gordie says:

    Tried the steps to upgrade the kernal to lean kernal. Killed by 3g/4g on sprint s3. I’ve tried setting the apn’s according to settings, still no 3g/4g data.

    Any idea’s?

  14. Tavi says:

    Unlocked a T-Mobile lg flex.using a ATT sim.
    Phone service is good. but no internet. I tried a lot of Apn settings none work. I even called ATT and still the apn settings changed nothing. still no internet. Please help

  15. ron says:

    I have a Galaxy S3 (SPH-L710) flashed to Metro PCS. I’m running a Goodness JB v9.0.4 Rom, with kernal 3.0.31-944783. I do not have the “Access Point Names” menu under “Mobile Network Settings”. I tried looking for app that might grant me access but haven’t been able to find any. Will CDMA workshop resolve my issue, by allowing me to manually change it from there? I th APN settings necessary, I just can not install them. Any thoughts? Thank you.

  16. virags says:

    I updated my N7100 to the Dn4 Rom.. everything works except that I am not able to get a phone singal on my AT&T network.

    I have tried setting APN from various sources and also tried restoring factory settings . When i search for the network manually , it does show AT&T as an option , but it does not work on selction. I have no signal strength.

  17. Peter says:

    Any issues with installing this rom on SGH-i717M, is there a compatibility issue?


  18. amy says:

    it works, thanks a bunch 🙂

  19. Di-clike says:

    My bro bought T-Mobile 4g lg l90 from the usa and unlock brought to africa but is lock on 2g network and is very slow and hardly download apps, please can u help…

  20. Kyle Walker says:

    i have an lg g3 at&t, just flashed 5.0.1 and im having problems with my mms setting. The LTE works but when I get a picture through messaging it just says downloading the entire time.

  21. Asap jok says:

    today I just saw these APN settings any way am going to try to see whether they are actually working

  22. David says:

    Hello, I recently traveled to Taiwan. I tried using my HTC one m7 with the local chunghwa SIM card with data plan. The phone is reportedly unlock when I called Verizon. The problem is that I can make and receive call but not able to get mobile data. I check and there is no apn listed. When I tried to add, there is no new apn function for me to add. Would appreciate any help.

    • Alex says:

      Hi David, I’m wondering if you found a solution for this. I’m having the same problem, except with an unlocked M8 and in Brazil. I also get no mobile data and no APNs listed with no add function.

  23. suman says:

    I downloaded this ROM on my HTC m7 and it works great. My only concern is my mobile data gets disappearing and reappearing without any reason. I am with Vodafone Australia and phone signal is very good where I use it.any suggestions on this issue will be highly appreciated..

  24. brandon says:

    hello, I just installed liquidsmooth 4.4 on my at&t galaxy s3 and am attempting to fix this data problem, but when I enter the APN manually (correctly or even incorrectly) and click save, nothing happens. it just takes me back to the APN screen with no APNS. It’s like it’s not saving and I haven’t done anything at all. Is this a known issue? Thank you

    • Austin says:

      I was wondering the same thing as I’m experiencing similar problems. I’ve got a rooted galaxy s3 SCH-s968c (Verizon Straight Talk). I installed the liquidsmooth 4.4.4 and Gapps all from here. Everything’s great so far except for the data. When I turn off WiFi (when I go home from work) it let’s me text and call but I can’t connect to anything else. Kinda sucks cause I don’t have WiFi at home. Please help if you can, thank you.

  25. Kevin says:

    I have the exact same problem, anybody know how to fix this?

  26. Shawn says:

    Thanks! Kept losing data connection even after talking with T-Mobile support. These settings are getting me a strong signal.

  27. jose says:

    im notsure how or why, but i cannot get my data/sim card to work
    it does not recognize my sim card being in it,
    and when i go to apn settings it says that i have to install a sim in order
    to use/change apn’s
    any sugestions?
    im using galaxy note2 i317 unlocked and rooted on 4.3
    latest cwm 6.0

  28. Austin says:

    Hey I was just checking in on an earlier post, wondering if you found anything out. Really love the liquidsmooth rom. Here’s my previous post: “I was wondering the same thing as I’m experiencing similar problems. I’ve got a rooted galaxy s3 SCH-s968c (Verizon Straight Talk). I installed the liquidsmooth 4.4.4 and Gapps all from here. Everything’s great so far except for the data. When I turn off WiFi (when I go home from work) it let’s me text and call but I can’t connect to anything else. Kinda sucks cause I don’t have WiFi at home. Please help if you can, thank you.”

    • N_psycho_PD_uh? says:

      For everyone with straight talk S3 sch-s968c that has flashed a new ROM, these ROMs require a SIM card to be inserted believe it or not, any SIM dead or active from any network will get you data, even a normal SIM trimmed to fit micro (must be trimmed correctly). MMS doesn’t work on the d2vzw or d2lte ROMs on any SIM except a Verizon 4G SIM that has been programmed in phone by dialing *228, this doesn’t work on all the ROMs so on those you’ll need to use a third party text app for MMS or hangouts, faulty camera can be replaced with Nexus camera app or Open camera app. On a side note the older KK d2vzw ROMs from before Oct/Nov of 2014 work without a SIM inserted, just have to set MMS APNs, enjoy

  29. steftt20 says:

    I have an lg g3 sprint, bricked with custom Rom and then restored it with stock 4.4.2 rom. Now it says no sim card… Any suggestions???

  30. AHMED says:

    i have note 2 SHV E250L my brother sent to me from korea -i have problem in it in mobile network -when i put my SIM card in note 2 i get net only G, however the phone support 4G .
    I put my SIM card in other same note 2 SHV E250L same divice from korea it worked 3G


  31. efooly says:


  32. chuck says:

    I am having a real issue on my note4 I’m using straight talk and I have rooted the phone but I cannot send picture messages I can receive them but I can’t send them what do you think is the cause of this and how can I fix this? if I restart the phone in the middle of sending a picture message when it reboots it’ll send the message,but it won’t let me send it until I restart it. help !!

  33. Emerson says:

    Can anyone help me with getting cellular and data to work on my htc one m8? I just installed cm12 today with android 5.0 gapps using TWRP but for some reason I don’t have a signal. The first thing I did was try a different nightly and still had the same problem. Next I went into the apn settings where their were no apn’s listed and the screen read “access point names are not available for this user”. I then made a new apn and clicked save but the apn list was still blank reading “access point names are not available for this user”. I checked my sim card, toggled airplane mode and still have the same issue.
    I was unable to find any more steps or anyone with a similar problem on the internet. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know! Thanks for your help!

  34. khayjake says:

    I’ve got everything working EXCEPT “wifi-PREFERRED calling” wifi works…just not preferred over my router when tmobile networks are out of reach. Should I install the wifi-t889 patch? Again wifi works…just not the wifi-preferred calling for tmobile. It no longer gives me that option.

  35. Adrian says:

    Note 2 n-7105 3G/LTE problem’s 2g is working.. I installed cm12 android 5.0.2

  36. D says:

    So… Like many before I cannot save APNs and therefore get no data service. What is the final solution to this crap? Flashing back to stock firmware (which sucks ass) is the only thing that gets my data working. This all started after I flashed the CM12 ROM but now I can’t even get ROMs I’ve used in the past to get data service. I’ve been scouring the net for an answer… can someone please help?

  37. bucketowater51 says:

    Bought a locked, no contract t-mobile Lg Optimus l90 (D415). Unlocked it for my postpaid AT&T SIM, but APN settings wont allow send or receive picture messaging (mms). Help! (Want to use with another carrier when AT&T postpaid contract expires.

  38. yahaya abdul says:

    Please just help me for the sake of god

  39. yahaya abdul says:

    Now the phone no more soing application again help me please

  40. atiqch says:

    Hi after loading this Rom I am only able to connect 2g network While I am in 3g coverage area. Whenever I try to switch to 3g, it lost connectivity with network and shows no netwok icon / crossed.
    After changing connection mode to 2g resolve connectity and restore mobile signals. Please help how to restore 3g. Please note my simm connecting to 3g on diferent phone at same location at same time.

  41. Bluegrapes says:

    Thanks it worked! I’m on metropcs and lte was not working after I installed my custom ROM. I didn’t do anything more than just check MetroPCS instead of T-mobile in the APN section.

  42. Jz Cruz says:

    Hi,I have a question I try it,but didn’t work, my t889note doesn’t read my sim card it say not registered on network, imei null.I flashed diferents ROM still same problem, WiFi is working, Bluetooth, and everything only I have no network.

  43. Guest says:

    Hi my phone is 4g r.5 oppo android can u teach me how to fix my phone to connect free internet im here in the can send in my email at tnx and have agood day

  44. Ronald McWhorter says:

    Hello I have a galaxy note 4 from at&t and unlocked it for tmobile but at times I don’t have service in my house or in stores even outside sometimes even tho the phone says 4G and has full bars can you please help me to see what other steps I can take you can email me at thank you

  45. Spiv says:

    Hi Max,
    I just installed Dirty Unicorns 5.1.1, on my GT-N7105, it all works except Data.
    When I go into APN it says: “Access Point Name settings are not available for this user”.
    I previously had APN set.
    I used Titanium Pro to restore.

  46. Kevin says:

    Please help, I bought an htc one m7 online that is from Verizon and it’s unlocked. I connected to metro pc’s but I don’t get the 4g data. I try changing the apn settings but the only thing I can change is the name . It won’t let me click on anything else. Please help

  47. Jim_e3 says:

    Fuk u just tell how to doi it

  48. Michael T Branche says:

    Inquiring about adding APN column form entries to an AARP REALPAD without a SIM card slot seems to be a wild goose chase, so far. When we would like a tablet without a phone to use the wireless internet and it has a 5 device hotspot available. Any body know of an IP company that has an APN data subscription plan without a phone number. Sitting with 6 phone numbers already, and having my watch phone wiped out at the local fuel depot, I would like to just have this device with data usage only in case I have to ditch in Talladega, for instance.

  49. Bobby Lunsford says:

    T – mobile may not have voice over LTE in your market yet. Go to your network settings and check which data band you’re using. From the description of your post it sounds like you have selected LTE only. If you select LTE/WCDMA/GSM everything will go back to normal. If your phone is set to LTE only, it won’t be able to access the GSM side of the network for voice calls. I’m a former Operations Manager for ClearComm / metroPCS so I have a little bit of info when it comes to T-mobile’s network.

  50. Nikhil Patil says:

    I can’t select option of APNs I want to save it but no option is coming …wht to do plz help me out

  51. Gokul Samraj says:

    I am using moto e 2 LTE(Verizon). I changed network mode to LTE\GSM, in setting it started showing 4G 3G 2G.but when I insert idea sim it is showing “no signal”.please relpureply

  52. Sara Robinson says:

    Hi all,
    I’m confused and very hesitant about upgrading , I have a note 4 and like I said I’m very hesitant and reluctant to upgrade because I don’t want to be a slave to a charger…..this is the number one reasons I hate Iphones besides not being able to expand the memory you can’t switch out the battery, and you become as I stated a slave to a charger. Also I want to know if you are rooted & running the latest software does it make a difference what device you have? I know a friend of mine who has an s6 and I know one who has a note 5&6 their constantly charging it because the battery is constantly dying. can anyone tell me why I should upgrade to a note 5 if I cant expand the memory?
    Can anyone tell me weather I’m doing the right thing, Or can anyone tell me anything to rest aside my fears concerning upgrading. ……thanks

  53. Tasnimul says:

    I installed the custom rom on my at&t S3 . But now i can’t use my sim card. it shown on insert sim. Pls help me . What can i do now to solved it.

  54. Rob D says:

    Hey Max Lee, I have an unlocked s6 from sprint and I’m having a hard time getting it to work on T-Mobile. Only gsm mode works and it’s so slow. Can’t make or receive calls. Text messagea work but not MMS. Is there a custom ROM for us T-Mobile users with the sprint s6? I manually put the APN settings but still no go.

  55. Hussen Abate says:

    AARP REALPAD without a SIM card Slot 1 seem to be a wild goose chase, SO for US
    using a ATT SIM Slot1
    my data/sim card to work 7/24
    data,even a normal SIM
    I just installed today with android 5.1 gapps using TWRP

  56. ルイヴィトン 長財布新作 says:

    先進とプロの技術を持ってプラダコピーバッグ 人気老舗

  57. Nithish says:

    What phones supported in these

  58. Randy says:

    For tmobile, with a Samsung S6, G920T, I had to make this change, in addition to the changes given for tmobile LTE:
    APN protocol = IPv4/IPv6
    After that, data worked for me. I had just upgraded to Android 9 so now I have android 9 running with voice and data.

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