How to Install Galaxy S8 Launcher & Bixby on Galaxy Phones!

Galaxy S8 launcher and Bixby APK files are now available and these can be installed on any Samsung Galaxy device running Android 7.0 Nougat.  Currently, I was able to get it running on my Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, and Note 5.

Now, this is the real launcher from an actual Galaxy S8 and you will be able to experience the Galaxy S8 launcher and Bixby before the actual launch.  Also, I’ve noticed much faster performance over the stock launcher on my S7 Edge.  In fact, all the lag disappeared after installing the launcher so I do highly recommended.  The S8 launcher will give you swipe up/down app drawer feature just like the Pixel launcher along with new enhanced ways of accessing your apps.  You can do a long-press and find multiple actions you can do with your apps unlike before.  Bixby isn’t fully-enabled but you will still be able to experience what upcoming Bixby will be like with the Bixby Cards by swiping left from the home screen.  Best of all, no root is required to install, you simply have to install 2 APK files.  Super easy to do, here’s how to install Galaxy S8 launcher and Bixby APK on your Galaxy phone!

Step 1. Make sure you have Android 7.0 Nougat running on your Galaxy phone.

Step 2. Download the two APK files from

Download Galaxy S8 Launcher & Bixby APK

Step 3. Once downloaded, install the Galaxy S8 Launcher APK first by tapping on the downloaded file.

You may have to check “Unknown Sources” ON in order to install.

Step 4. Once installed, you will notice that you now have Galaxy S8 launcher!  Now, at this point if you don’t need Bixby, you can simply enjoy the launcher otherwise keep following the tutorial.

Step 5. Also install the Bixby APK file.

Step 6. Once installed, reboot.

Step 7. Once rebooted, swipe left and  you will find Bixby!

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Q: I am having some force closing issues.
A: Clear the Data and Cache of TouchWiz Home app in App Manager.

Q: How do I uninstall this?
A: Go into Settings->Apps->TouchWiz Home then click on the 3-dot menu button at top-right then hit “Uninstall Updates”.


Credits – XDA

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