How to Prolong/Store Gadgets with Lithium Ion Battery!


Whether you own an Android smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop, you will probably want to make sure to take care of your gadgets so the battery doesn’t die.
Number one rule for properly maintaining or storing your gadgets is to never let the battery deplete to 0%. Leaving your gadgets discharged completely for months will surely kill your battery. Think of how many gadgets in your house right now that has a dead battery, I am sure you have at least one. Think back, and I am sure you probably left that gadget with zero charge for months (and it died because of it).

If you are going away on vacation or trip for more than a month, make sure your gadgets are charged to around 40% (that’s recommended charging by the experts) and store it in the coolest location of your house such as your basement or garage. By leaving at 40% charge, your lithium ion battery will not die yet will also self-discharge slowly, which is optimal for lithium ion batteries.

To make your battery last longer, also do not discharge your battery all the way to zero if you can help it. Studies show that lithium ion batteries last longer when you recharge before the battery has depleted to zero.  Recharge back to full whenever it is possible for you to do so, the sooner the better.

So, to recap:
#1 – Never leave your gadgets discharged completely, especially if you are going to store it for months.
#2 – If you are going to store away your gadgets or not use it for awhile, charge it to 40%, turn the power off, then store in a cool location.
#3 – Whenever possible, recharge your batteries before they hit zero.

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