How to Make Android Halloween Costume!


Every year, I always wait until last minute to get my Halloween costume.  Well, this year I did the same thing but on the day of Halloween (today), I decided to make my Android Halloween Costume.

The biggest problem was making the Android head.  Somehow, I had to make an elliptical Android head shape.  By looking at some of the Halloween costume How-to articles online, I found it very baffling as many people used insulation material, painting, and most people took hours to make the costume.

I thought my costume would end up looking badly but in the end, I did get a decent Android Halloween costume and it only took me 15 minutes!

So, for those of you looking to become an Android this Halloween (or perhaps next year), here’s how to make one in 15 minutes.

Parts needed:

Construction hat – $7 at Home Depot

1 Big Piece of Green Sheet of Thick Paper – 69 cents at Dollar Store

Packaging material or rolled up newspaper – You probably have some in your house.

Green Duct Tape – $3.69 at Home Depot

Total Cost = $11.38!

Step 1. Fold your green sheet of paper then cut out an elliptical shape so you will have elliptical shape on both sides.



Step 2. Then use duct tape to tape your elliptical shape to the construction hat.



Step 3. Roughly measure the pieces you need for the sides and cut them out.





Step 4. Duct tape the sides to your main elliptical “thingee”.



Step 5. With the left over paper, cut out two sheets and make two antennas for the Android head.


Step 6. Make 2 holes on top for the antennas.




Step 7. Attach the antennas and duct tape the inside of it.



Step 8. Fill the sides of the inside with packaging material, newspaper, or anything you can find around the house to keep the shape in-tact.



Step 9. Put it on and you have an Android costume in minutes!  (Oh yeah, you can cut a little bit of the front for vision.  Make two holes for your eyes or you can just cut out the whole bottom like I did.)


The body, arms, and feet should be easy, I will leave that up to you.

Of course, you can probably do much better and make it look more awesome.  I just didn’t have time to do it right but I did get plenty of complements from kids at my daughter’s school so it must be not too shabby, good enough for trick or treating.  Yes, Halloween is gonna be a lot of fun this year.



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