How to Run Fortnite on ANY Rooted Android!

This tutorial, I am going to show you how to run Fortnite on ANY rooted Android device! While there have been many attempts to run Fornite on a rooted Android device, none of them actually work at the moment(as of 3:36PM August 10th 2018) but after reverse-engineering the Fornite app, I was able to figure out how to run Fornite on ANY rooted Android device.  Now, if you change your device ID using build prop editor, you will be able to download the Fornite game from the Fornite Installer app.  And you will be able to run the app and start the game.  The problem is that Fornite will STILL detect root when you jump off the bus!   Well, the last part took me about 10 hours to figure out and I almost gave up but here’s the full solution you can follow step-by-step.

Users have reported working on(i will update this list):

  • HTC U11
  • Pixel 2
  • OnePlus 6
  • Galaxy S9
  • HTC U11

I’ve personally got this method to work w/ my rooted Pixel 2, Galaxy S9, OnePlus 6, and HTC U11, make sure you delete “MagiskManager” folder which is the updated fix!!!

Step 1. Make sure you have a “rooted” Android device.  If you don’t have a rooted Android device, you can root your Android phone or tablet first, follow our How to Root Android page and Android Root 101 as reference for all the root tutorials that we have here at and root your phone.  You WILL need Magisk root installed, SuperSU WILL NOT WORK since you can’t hide root.  Try using Magisk v16.0 which is the latest stable version and the one I tested with. (UPDATE: I’ve also got it to work fine on v16.4, so it should work on all v16.0+ including latest beta v16.7)

Step 2. Once rooted with Magisk, make sure you pass SafetyNet!  If you don’t pass this method will not work.  Most flagship phones will pass SafetyNet check.

Step 3. If you are using a phone that is currently not supported by Fornite(at the time of this writing, ONLY newer Samsung devices are supported), you can go ahead and edit the Build Prop file using Build Prop Editor and change the following lines, which will change your device ID to Galaxy S9:


IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE ALL LINES.  If your Build Prop is missing any of the lines(which can happen on certain Android devices), simply ADD that line.

UPDATE:  If you want to get FREE Note 9 Fortnite Skin, you can change the Build Prop values to this Note 9 one instead:(You can see the updated article on How to get FREE Note 9 Fortnite Skin & FREE Invites on Samsung Android!)


Also, BEFORE making changes to your build prop, make a backup ROM using TWRP recovery as this step can put you in a bootloop in certain cases(but worked out fine for my Pixel 2).

Once changes are done to the build prop, REBOOT your Android.

If you have a phone that is supported by Fornite, you can skip this step.(e.g. You have Galaxy Note 8)

Step 4. Next, download the Fornite Installer APK and install the APK.(You may have to check “Unknown Sources” ON)

Step 5. Once Fornite Installer app is installed, hide root from that app using Magisk Manager. (Goto Settings->Magisk Hide) *IMPORTANT

Step 6. Next, open up Fornite Installer app and it should allow you to download the actual game app.  If you get errors here, you may have made mistake in Step 3 so double-check your build prop.  If you still get errors, it might be due to your Android not having minimum hardware requirement.  If that is the case, use a phone that’s newer.

Step 7. Once Fornite main app is installed, DO NOT LAUNCH but go ahead and use Magisk Manager to hide the Fornite app itself.

Step 8. Uninstall ALL rooted apps on your phone at this point.  This includes the Build Prop Editor app you downloaded.  Uninstall root apps like Titanium Backup app or any apps that use root.  IMPORTANT: This step took me about 9 hours to figure out but Fornite app also checks for any root apps on your phone.

UPDATE: Fornite app DOES NOT check for other root apps, it only checks for Magisk Manager app, just make sure to hide it and also delete the MagiskManager folder!!!

Step 9. Fortnite app also checks if you have Magisk Manager app installed!   You can hide Magisk Manager app itself by using the hiding/renaming option in the app.    Also, make sure you have “Magisk Core Only Mode” ON.  Reboot.

Step 10. Once rebooted, check Magisk Manager app settings, it should say “Restore Magisk Manager” as an option which means your Magisk Manager app itself is hiding.

Step 11. FINALLY, launch your Fornite app and you should now be able to fully jump off the bus and play the game.  Enjoy!

UPDATE: Also one more step you may have to do, make sure to delete the “MagiskManager” folder if it exists. You can also run other rooted apps I found out! No need to uninstall them.

Here’s an updated video explaining the fix:

If you enjoyed this tutorial, you can donate to via Paypal as it took me quite awhile to figure this out and it would help me find more cool game hacks for the future.   Thanks!

Test Device: I used a Pixel 2 on stock Android 8.1.0 Oreo for this tutorial.  I am testing with other Android devices at the moment.  If you have another rooted Android device, please help me test out this method and leave your results in our forum so it will help others, thanks!


Q: It’s not working for me!
A: Double-check you have followed ALL of the steps step-by-step!  Also, MAKE SURE ALL ROOT APPS have been uninstalled.  Sometimes there are root apps such as GrxTouchWizMod that may interfere.  Also custom ROMS might not work(I have not tried), if you are running a custom ROM, try reverting back to a stock firmware and try again.  Also make sure you use Magisk v16.0!

Q: I enabled “Magisk Core Only Mode” and lost root after reboot!
A: Just re-flash Magisk ZIP file in TWRP and reboot.  “Magisk Core Only Mode” should be enabled after that.

Q: I keep losing root with Magisk!
A: No worries, just reflash Magisk ZIP if you lose root during any time of this tutorial to get root back.   On some phones, you may have to reflash Magisk ZIP a bunch of times while making changes to the Settings.

Q: I get “hardware not supported” error!
A: Unfortunately, that means you have much older Android device that is not supported.  You may be able to get it running with another hack but your game play would be laggy so we don’t recommend it.

A: I am still trying to figure out better methods.  Make sure you are using Magisk Manager app version 5.8.3.

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