LG Watch Urbane Metal Band Replacement! [HOWTO]


While I do like the leather bands on my new LG Watch Urbane, I was really intrigued by the fact that the watch itself supports standard 22mm watch bands.  Plus, I wanted to have something unique and make my new watch customized, just like my phone with a custom ROM.

Well, I ordered a 22mm metal watch band on Amazon and link removal tool (to re-size the band) with no knowledge of modding a watch except for my common sense.  I usually go to my local watch repair shop but since it had closed down and there are not many watch repair shops around these days, I decided to do it all myself.  Best of all, it only took me 5 minutes!  I am sure many of you know how to do this already but for those who don’t, here’s some photos I took while I did mine.

You will need:

– New 22mm metal band – I found mine on Amazon here but any 22mm metal band will do, just do a search for “22mm watch band” on Amazon.

– Watch band link removal tool – I used this one here.

Step 1. Take the existing watch band off.   Take a flat screwdriver and pull the watch bands off.  (You should actually use a spring bar tool, I found out after replacing my watch band.)




Step 2. Once the existing watch bands have been removed, insert the spring bars into the new metal band and re-insert it into your watch.



Step 3. That’s pretty much it!


It should take no more than 5 minutes to do this.


Step 5. For metal bands, you will probably have to remove links to re-size them.  I simply used the Watch Band Link Removal tool.

First, locate the holds near the ends of the bands, there should be holes on the last few links.  These holes have one way to go out so find the side you will have to tap out, then place your watch on the link removal tool.


Step 6. Use the supplied pin tool and tiny hammer to hammer out the pins.  Remove all the pins from the links you want to remove.


Step 7. When done remove all the links, re-attach the rest of the links and re-insert one of the pins you took out to re-attach the links.


Step 8. Use the plastic side of the tiny hammer and tap down the pin.


Step 9. Try it on, if it’s still too big, you can repeat Steps 5 through 8 until you get it just right.


That’s pretty much it, pretty simple to do!  Need metal bands?  Check out 22mm metal bands on Amazon here.

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