AOKP MR1 Milestone 2 ROM Control Ribbons and Changes!

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AOKP MR1 Milestone 2 is out and for those of you wondering what has changed from MR1 Milestone 1, here’s a brief overview. (If you do not know what ROM Control is, check out our AOKP ROM Control Settings tutorial FIRST!)

First, AOKP MR1 Milestone 2 now comes with AOKP Ribbons under ROM Control Settings, allowing you to add ribbon shortcuts your lockscreen, notification bar, quick setting tiles, and even swipe ribbons. The coolest feature in my opinion are the swipe ribbons that allow you to access your favorite, custom shortcuts simply by swiping from the edge of the screen. These are “highly” customizable ribbons you can use similar to Ubuntu Edge mobile OS except way more advanced.

Other than that, you get additional permissions management, Dark AOKP (makes everything dark including your background, keyboard, etc…), quick torch on lockscreen, HDR mode in camera, and some more.

Overall, AOKP MR1 Milestone 2 looks pretty awesome with the addition of custom ribbons that give you more control over your phone and improve efficiency. Also you should find the latest MR1 Milestone 2 much more stable with better performance and battery life. You can watch the video overview above for a brief demo on some of the new features.

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