Galaxy Note 8 SUPERCHARGED w/ S9 ROM Conversion!


Galaxy Note 8 is one of my main drivers if not my best phone of choice if I had to choose one phone from many of Android smartphones I have collected(around 100 now) in the last 7 years.  Well, what if I told you that you can even make your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 better with pretty much all the software features from the Galaxy S9?   That’s exactly what I did to my Galaxy Note 8 a few weeks back and boy, I am in heaven.  While many of earlier S9 ROMs had bugs like earphone not working or AR stickers from S9 not working, all those issues have been fixed with the latest S9 ROM that I am using.  It literally “supercharges” your Galaxy Note 8 as performance is great, battery life is excellent, and customization is nearly better.  Everything just is better with the S9 ROM and once you install this on your Galaxy Note 8, you will never want to run stock firmware ever again.  That’s a promise.

NOTE: Installing a custom ROM or rooting your Galaxy Note 8 will make your Samsung Pay unusable permanently!  Also may void warranty!

Okay, but which phones are supported?  Well, this is general knowledge but if you have Exynos model of Galaxy Note 8(pretty much all international and Korean models), you can install this ROM easily by installing TWRP then installing this ROM.  However, if you have a U.S. Snapdragon model, your bootloader is locked and you will NOT be able to install this ROM, not this year or 10 years later unfortunately.  Your best bet is to sell your U.S. model and buy international.  Now, international models only support GSM network so if you are on Sprint or Verizon you are out of luck.(For Sprint/Verizon users, you may be best off getting an unlocked Pixel 2 or 3 as they come with unlocked bootloaders and also works flawless on both Sprint or Verizon.  But buy the “unlocked” model from Google’s website, if you buy branded models from Sprint or Verizon, you will still get locked bootloaders even on Pixel phones.)

Overall, this is certainly a great way to “supercharge” your phone with an awesome custom ROM so definitely check it out if you have Galaxy Note 8 with Exynos CPU.  You will get awesome new features like Dual speaker mod that gives you stereo speakers on the Galaxy Note 8 along with modded camera that gives you higher bitrate and higher limits for recording video, nevermind the 1440P 60fps.  Sounds like a great way to “supercharge” your Galaxy Note 8?  Check out the full features and installation instructions on Galaxy S9 ROM for Galaxy Note 8!

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