Havoc ROM Review!

Havoc ROM has an awesome charging animation that shows you real-time charging current, voltage, and temperature of your Android smartphone. This is especially great for checking if your phone is fast charging using Quick Charge or DASH.

Lawnchair launcher comes with Havoc ROM and it gives you a ton of customization. I like to use the 7×7 grid along with 9 apps for dock so I can utilize 100% of my bigger screen.

For camera on OnePlus devices, you will be able to use the native OnePlus camera along with Google Camera. OnePlus camera works great on my OnePlus 5T with every mode working and for enhanced night photos, you can take advantage of Google Camera’s NightSight which I find it 10 times better than OnePlus Nightscape.

You will find all of your customization in Havoc settings, lets wreak some havoc… My favorite tweak is the “brightness control” for status bar, that allows you to easily change brightness of your screen without swiping down. I also like to put the clock in the center of the screen. Yes, you can also add your favorite icon to the status bar. Notice my Android logo? Yeah, that’s super high on Android.

In Quick Settings customization, you will be able to fit way more apps for your quick settings, this works great for larger screen phones like the OnePlus 5T I’ve got here. More apps, less scrolling.

Need always-on-display? Just enable Ambient display, I like to have it always on while charging to use my phone as a desktop clock. There are other options like double tap, lift to check the phone or hand wave to turn on Ambient display when not charging.

Power menu can be customized to include a whole array of new options including advanced reboot that allows you to boot straight to TWRP recovery, screenshot, screen record, and my favorite “On-The-Go” that allows you to use your phone while walking on busy streets like NYC.

Although OnePlus 5T I am using here offers flashlight using gestures, I can access my flashlight much quicker by enabling screen off torch. A simple long press of power button allows me to easily turn the flashlight on and off for super quick access.

For navigation buttons, you can use the default Pixel navigation, the older 3 icon dots, or even enable the full gesture mode. If you don’t like the Pixel full gesture mode, you can even choose from default OnePlus gestures or Edge gestures. Pie control is also available.

Also, one of my favorite features is the 3-finger screenshot, which comes in super handy.

For lockscreen customization, you will find a load of options including a music visualizer, clock , weather widgets, and a lot more.

If you are sensitive to how notifications work on your Android device, Havoc ROM brings you full notification control including notification LED configurations, ability to customize your notifications such as controlling the timeout, adding snooze timer, and even blacklisting apps.

Like custom animations? Customize every aspect of your system animations. Fade, slide, slide-in-from-right, slide-in-left, customize it to exactly how you want it or even set it to random for an exciting adventurous experience.

Havoc ROM also brings advanced high-quality screen recording, can be useful.

Now, these are just a few of the customization options that I have taken advantage of but you will find many more once you install Havoc ROM to give you 10 times better customization over any boring, stock firmware.

Overall, Havoc ROM brings you the best of customization from custom ROMs in one package. It is available for many different phones including the OnePlus 5T here, most of newer OnePlus phones, Pixel phones, Xiaomi phones, and more. So definitely give it a try when you get a chance and do let me know what you think!

Files used for my OnePlus 5T Havoc ROM setup:

Download latest OxygenOS v9.0.8 at OnePlus website

Download fastboot.zipDownload

TWRP – Download

Windows ADB driverDownload

Havoc ROM – DownloadXDA thread

Grab pico ARM64 Gapps at opengapps.org

Magisk ZIP InstallerDownload

Google Camera – Download

Installation for OnePlus 5T:

Step 1. Unlock bootloader and root your OnePlus 5T.

Step 2. Make sure you are on latest OxygenOS v9.0.8. If you just rooted on v9.0.8, you can skip this step.

If you haven’t updated to OxygenOS v9.0.8 lately, you will need to download the latest v9.0.8 firmware from OnePlus website then install with TWRP.

Once installed, re-install TWRP recovery AFTER booting and signing in using fastboot.(Just like you did when rooting)

Step 3. Boot into TWRP recovery.

Step 4. Do a factory reset.

Step 5. Install ROM, Gapps, Magisk then reboot.


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