How to Install Android 9.0 Pie w/ Root on OnePlus 2!

For those of you who want to get the latest Android 9.0 Pie experience with root(or without root) on your OnePlus 2, it is actually easy to do since OnePlus 2 has unlockable bootloader(that does not void warranty) and you can easily install custom ROMs.  Best of all, you can even get pure Pixel-like experience with Pixel launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, and even boot animation!  Yes, thanks to XDA user Shreesha.Murthy, now you can install the Pixel Experience ROM to get flawless Android P 9.0 running on your OnePlus 2.  And I have personally went through everything a human being can go through and this ROM is indeed as good as Android 9.0 running on my Pixel and Pixel 2 smartphones.

Everything works out of the box including your voice calls, bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, 4G LTE, etc…etc…  Also camera works great with 4K video recording working and both front/back camera working flawless.(I am still looking for a working Google HDR camera for the OnePlus 2 on Android 9.0 so if you find one, please share with others in our forum, thanks!)  Battery life is also excellent(thanks to 30% increase in battery life efficiency of Android 9.0 Pie) along with excellent performance(near 90,000 on Antutu).   There is absolutely no reason to not upgrade to the Android 9.0 Pie as it will make your OnePlus 2 a brand, new phone again.  And yes, even your off-screen gestures work just fine.

Step-by-Step Installation Instructions on How to Install Android 9.0 Pie on OnePlus 2!

IMPORTANT: Before beginning, make sure you have updated your OnePlus 2 to OxygenOS v3.6.1 at least once before!  If not, you can go ahead and do the OTA(over-the-air) update if you are not rooted.  If you are rooted with TWRP recovery installed, you can install the OnePlus 2 OTA 3.6.1 using TWRP Install menu.  Once OTA has been applied, you will need to REINSTALL TWRP AFTER a complete reboot!  After that, follow the steps below:

Step 1. If you already have rooted OnePlus 2, skip to Step 3.  If you have never unlocked your bootloader, first follow our universal guide on How to Unlock Bootloader on Android and unlock the bootloader first.

Step 2. Install TWRP recovery by following our universal guide on How to Install TWRP recovery & Root w/ Magisk using Fastboot!(You only need to follow steps 1 through 4, no need to root since you are installing a new ROM.)

Step 3. Make sure you have latest TWRP version 3.2.1 or higher.  If you want to make a backup at this point, follow our guide on How to Backup/Restore ROM using TWRP!

Download the following files and copy over to your phone or also you can download onto your phone:

Go to Wipe->Advanced Wipe, then select “Dalvik/ART Cache”, “System”, “Data”, and “cache”.

Step 4. Use Install Menu and Install ROM.

Step 5. Install Gapps.

Step 6. Install Magisk if you want root otherwise skip this step.

Step 7. Reboot.  Reboot should take about 3-5 minutes.

Step 8. Once booted, you should see the Pixel Android 9.0 Pie welcome screen!  If so, congratulations!  You have successfully installed Android 9.0 P on your OnePlus 2!  Pat yourself on the back and have a cup of lemonade with some raw honey(it is good for you, just put a small squeeze of lemon and raw honey).

Credits – XDA <— If you enjoyed this ROM, hit the thanks on XDA if you are a member there, thx!

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