How to Install Custom ROM using TWRP Recovery! [FAILPROOF METHOD]

For those of you who want to install custom ROM using TWRP recovery, here’s a fail-proof method that will make your new custom ROM boot every time (in my experience).

The only difference between the usual method and this one is that we will also be formatting /system partition, which if not formatted sometimes causes bootloops when installing new custom ROM.

This method will work on any rooted Android smartphone or tablet with TWRP recovery installed.   And also will work on all types of custom ROMs including CyanogenMod (CM11, CM12), TouchWiz, Sense, etc…etc…

Before we begin, make sure you have TWRP recovery installed (if you don’t, see our guide on how to install TWRP recovery using Flashify)

Step 1. First download the ROM zip files you need.   Usually there’s one or two zip files.  You can download these files straight onto your phone or download them to your computer first then copy them over to your phone. (Also you can use an OTG cable and USB flash drive so it won’t take up space on your phone/tablet.)

For AOSP ROMs like CyanogenMod CM11 or CM12, you will need an additional Gapps zip file.

Once files are downloaded, make sure they are not corrupt.  You can do this by opening the ROM zip files with ES File Explorer app.  If you can see the contents of the zip file fine, you are good to go.  Otherwise, your files are bad so re-downloaded them!




Step 2. If you have a rooted Android device, use Quick Boot app to reboot into recovery.


If you don’t have a rooted phone or maybe you are stuck in bootloop, manually boot into your recovery.

(for Samsung Galaxy devices, power off the phone and hold down Volume Up + Center Home + Power for 5 seconds, for HTC/Nexus devices, power off the phone and hold down Volume Down + Power buttons then select recovery).  If you have another device, try googling on how to enter recovery mode.


Step 3. Once in TWRP recovery, choose “Wipe”.

*Note – You can also “dirty flash” without wiping.  This is recommended for installing stock ROMs if you are installing stock ROM on top of another stock ROM.  If that’s the case, skip this step.


Choose “Advanced Wipe”.


Select Dalvik Cache, System, Data and Cache then swipe to wipe.  By wiping the system partition here, we will make sure our file structure is perfectly clean before installing a new ROM.



Step 4. Choose “Install” from main menu.


Choose “Storage”.


Choose the storage you have your ROM zip files in.  Here you can choose internal storage, micro SDcard, or USB storage (if using OTG USB Flash).



Browse your file system and find the ROM zip file.  In this example, I am installing CM12 ROM so I will be choosing the ROM zip file below beginning with “cm-12”.


Swipe to install ROM.


If you are installing an AOSP ROM like CM12 like I am doing here, repeat this step and also install the Gapps zip file.  Otherwise go to next step.


Step 5. Reboot and you should see your new ROM boot up.


Step 6. If you get to the Welcome screen or your phone boots, congratulations!  You have successfully installed a new custom ROM onto your Android smartphone/tablet!






43 Responses

  1. Jj says:

    U R genius man .. Thumbs up..
    Boom shakalaka :p

  2. Jj says:

    U r genius max.. Boomshakalaka.. :p

  3. Jose says:

    It did not worked, i did exactly what you said now I dont have a ROM, my phone stays in the powered by android screen. Hope you can help

    • Lance says:

      Hey Jose, i experienced the same problem a few months back. finding the stock rom of your device might help your case. just follow these steps:
      Boot into twrp, wipe, advanced wipe,
      -Dalvik Cache
      Then go to install, then flash the stock rom.

      it should boot up if you flash the right rom. Also make sure the file is not corrupted.

      Also, some devices are picky and will only mount specific roms compatible with their build number, you can do more research about your device at google.

      (I dont know if this is right, but one thing I do is extract the rom to my computer, if it gets extracted all the way, then you can bet that its not corrupted.)

      I guess thats all, and having a recent backup of your system is REALLY helpful, as it will be easier to restore the rom without going through the trouble of finding it on the internet.

      Hope that helps, anything else, email me
      Peace~~ ^0^

  4. Alberto says:

    Just Perfect. Thanks man

  5. 10sko24 says:

    Thanks man you are AWESOME!! (>o<)/!!

  6. Vinu says:

    But I did a mistake by ticking internal storage too…… Is my phone bricked????

  7. Pauline says:

    Great step by step tutorial! I did fine installing an omni rom 4.3 on top of my 4.42 kit kat without checking on “system” while doing advance wipe. Rom runs perfectly fine on my HTC one. Is this also termed as “dirty flash”?

    Keep up yr great work!

  8. GabrieL Michelo says:

    After i install my note3 just start with blank screen.. help meee

  9. Husejn Smajtic says:

    Can I flash Dovahkiin ICS ROM on old bootloader LG P990 (Optimus 2x) ( becouse it rom support old bootloader) with TWRP v2.6.1.0 safe? (as you flashed that cm rom) ?

  10. kavehhashemi says:

    In step 4, I get:
    “Error executing updater binary in zip.”
    I’m trying to flash a CM 12.1 on stock lollipop lmy47i.
    What am I doing wrong?

    • disqus_d2NPXHlJtu says:

      Open zip and search for META>com>google>android>Updater Script and edit this with Notepad++…delete the first line, save and reload the zip and try again.

  11. Adrian Muros says:

    where can i download that 2 .zips?

  12. GTRD says:

    hey bro….went thru all the steps but after once setting up my carrier network it wont let me connect to my carrier….after entering the apns which i dont think I need ….it wont let me save the settings…..I have a canadian Note 4 and installed CM12 on it….it seems to work only on wifi but what should I do?

  13. Ghaith Al Hami says:

    i cant install the TWRP on my LG G3 android 5.0

  14. RockstarMaxey says:

    exactly why i like using twrp..

  15. RockstarMaxey says:

    u can also install roms using their app

  16. René W. says:

    I recommended to check the checksum md5/sha1. It’s also possible to open or read a corrupted zip via ES explorer.

  17. Jesse Fuller says:

    Can I flash this coming from OptimistG3 rom for LG G2?

  18. Ethan Hunt says:

    so what if i have moto x with republic on android 4.4.2 using towelpieroot and getting TWRP recovery in my phone, will i still be able to do this custom flash? Will root become permanent in this method too?

  19. DanDingello says:

    Hi, I followed all your steps and everytime I get to flash the zip file, I get this error — > E: Error executing updater binary in zip

    What to do?

  20. mat says:

    ive installed cm 12.1 and the rom installed before this one was AICP . ive still got the app button layout and swipe down menu of AICP ???

  21. Sangeeth C Radh says:

    hello, am using moto x 1st gen xt1052. and i got a system update. i phone is rooted. as i gave to install the update it went to recovery and stoped installing. when i reboot it goes into system and after 2mins it will resart to recovery. as it continues i wipe dalvik cache and everything.

    i dont have a backup of scock rom too. i tried may zips of moto x but ended up in this error…. error updating binary.. my phone is moto x 2013 XT1052… please help me thanks in advance…. my email id is

  22. Mats Ikmf Rydholm says:

    This question concerns this and other roms.
    I’ve rooted my note 4 910f and wiped according to your tutorials but I can NOT get any rom to work with my phone. Any suggestions?

  23. Ryan Ling says:

    i have a lenovo S650..i install a new rom and 1 follow all the steps..but my phone doesnt want to start up..wat can i do??

  24. jayakumar says:

    the phone stays on cyanogenmod boot screen. what to do?

  25. babi sai says:

    i am using htc desire 210 when i was installing cm 11 i shows installation aborted

  26. Felix says:

    Anyway, how can i do Rooting for my Redmi Note 2 Prime, before I could go further on flashing TWRP.

    Please assist. Thanking you in advance.

  27. Ndriqim Januzi says:

    My galaxy s4 mini duos (i9292) is stuck on bootloop. Tried to flash TWRP/Phliz/CWM but couldn’t get it done. When I try to Wipe cache and Wipe/Factory reset it keep showing me this :

    • Josh F says:

      Are you using Odin? I was stuck on your screen before doing that.

      • Ndriqim Januzi says:

        I did use Odin to flash with a firmware taken from sammobile but still the same, in odion says that passed but it wont boot again. A friend of mine told me that I had deleted some system apps and I remember having done that, i deleted some system apps like ; talkback, flipboard and so on, I did delete them using Titanium Backup pro.

  28. Mandy says:

    I do have a problem in using TWRP wiping some other rom, since my tablet do not have external storage, the only connection i have is USB (it right now cannot be boot up); however my pc cannot recognize it, so what can i do?

  29. Jon Dough says:

    Like your excellent “How Tos” but hate the “take a survey” Popup that won’t let me view your fine work.
    Sounds like a real like / hate situation huh?
    I’ve hated any and all popups for 15 years and that goes for any site, it gets boycotted, and avoided like the blackout plague like the spamups that they are.

  30. jordiadr says:

    Bro, you are awesome!
    All those tutorials on XDA gave me headaches and failed.
    But yours was simple and strightforeword!
    Simply amazing, many thanks.

  31. Sandesh S. Jagtap says:

    Zenfone 5
    bro i have twrp Pinaslang zenfone recovery.
    and i have wipe all system, cache, etc everything.
    my phone doesnt have os now
    when i got to install Rom its give me error E:error executing binary in zip ‘/external_sd/#$#%#$

    note: that my usb is not working, ADB is not working, it doest show in my computer or other computer.

    solution please 🙁

  32. Giovanni Mendez says:

    What advise can you provide if the no service shows up? Cannot register to any network and is always on airplane mode? Any ideas of what I could have done incorrectly? ZTE BLADE A460, ROM-CM13, MM 6.0.1, TWRP-V3.0.2-ZTEA460, I followed the steps on your youtube channel and everything installed correctly. I need your help. (Experience level begginner)

  33. Rabin Chapagain says:

    please sir provide me a link for downloading file

  34. Daniel Kelly says:


  35. Jhon Salchichon says:

    Thanks bud, you were a quick solution to my answer 🙂

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