LineageOS 16 ROM for Xiaomi Mi8!

LineageOS 16 ROM for Xiaomi Mi8 is probably the first custom ROM you want to try on your Mi8, especially if you want to run something more closer to stock Android like Pixel 3 with latest Android 9.0 Pie.  Although MIUI isn’t bad, personally I am more used to stock Android experience and I really hate the iPhone-like MIUI launcher.  Also, menus are way different on MIUI and I wanted to run a software that I am more used to.

Installing LineageOS 16 ROM on my Xiaomi Mi8 wasn’t an easy and fast experience like I usually have with my other phones like Pixel 3, Galaxy Note 9, or other Androids I own.  Rather, there is specific steps you must take to install the ROM as the MIUI forum isn’t exactly user-friendly and there are literally dozens of instructions all over the internet that don’t work correctly.  Even TWRP for Mi8 has like a dozen different versions and it wasn’t until I found one that worked which allowed me to finally boot an Android 9.0 Pie ROM.

While process of installing the LineageOS 16 ROM took me 2 days and my hair literally fell out from stress caused by the long, monotonous cycle of installing ROM, rebooting, flashing new firmware, and flashing ROM, once installed everything worked PERFECTLY like I imagined.  While MIUI is completely different from stock Android, MIUI has always used many of the same internal structures as stock Android, making it perfect candidate to install a custom ROM like LineageOS 16 ROM.  Once installed, you will be amazed at how well LineageOS runs on your Mi8.

Also, I was able to install the Pixel 3 camera for Pocophone F1, which actually works even better than MIUI on LineageOS(as I didn’t have to change any saturation settings like I had to do on MIUI.   With Pixel 3 camera, I am not too worried about taking good photos since it takes much better photos than the stock Mi8 camera.   Fingerprint sensors works well, calls work well, 4G LTE works well(although you do have to set the APN manually), and I had absolutely no problem using it as daily driver for almost a week.  Battery life is excellent along with fast and furious performance.

Well, that was the original plan anyways, take the excellent value of the Xiaomi Mi8 but put my own software on it as MIUI simply isn’t my favorite UI and really built for the iPhone-to-Android converters.  Don’t get me wrong, MIUI has its own excellent features also and I love using it sometimes too but as a daily driver, I simply prefer LineageOS or Pixel Experience or Resurrection Remix that gives me a ton of customization along with familiar UI.

I have uploaded a full video step-by-step tutorial guide you can follow along with step-by-step written tutorial guide that will guide you from a stock MIUI to LineageOS 16 ROM so check out my tutorial on How to Install Android 9.0 Pie ROM on Xiaomi Mi8!  While I do have universal guide already, the Xiaomi Mi8 is a special beast that needs special attention when installing a custom ROM so definitely hit up the guide so you don’t spend 2 days in bootloops or yelling at the wall like I did.

My next goal is to get my Pocophone F1 on a custom ROM also so watch out for that too.  I am also going to try a few more ROMs on Xiaomi Mi8, should have updates on them also.

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