Note 7 ROM for Galaxy Note 3! [Note 7 Conversion]


If you guys want to get all of the new software features of Galaxy Note 7 on your rooted Note 3, you can easily do it with the latest DarkLord ROM which has nearly all Note 7 features working, this is a full Note 7 ported ROM for the Note 3.  Best of all, DarkLord ROM brings you manual mode on your Note 3 camera.  Yes, a fully-working Note  7 camera on a Galaxy Note 3! (The resolutions are hardware-limited but everything else works!)

So long as you have a rooted Note 3 and TWRP installed, you should be able to easily install the DarkLord ROM.  NFC is not working so be aware of that if you need NFC working.  Battery life is excellent, you will also be able to change the resolution of Galaxy Note 3 from 1080P to 720P in battery saving mode.

For full installation instructions, check out How to Convert Galaxy Note 3 into Note 7 at


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  1. t l hop says:

    Max I tried this romantic on my t-mobile note 3 and was unable to get any APN to work . How did you get this romantic to work on your t-mobile note 3. So far no one has been able to get siginal

  2. Theron Smart says:

    Hey Max, I’m having the same problem. Signal keeps dropping on my Tmobile.
    Any fix for this?

  3. mahek shingala says:

    i am not able to get the installation screen after flashing the ROM through TWRP…….please advise

  4. Bronson says:

    Hi I’m stuck on Samsung. How can I fix this?

  5. Ather says:

    N9005 LTE:

    Flash everything working fine TiLL:

    I signed in on Ali Express App, Since then ‘Unfortunately, Nfc Service has stopped’ popin up every 2 seconds

    Cleared both cache in recovery not working 🙁

  6. C says:

    I’m having issues on my n950 I changed from the x-note rom and installed dark lord.
    I have found that the camera doesn’t work properly. video fails and camera doesn’t work with some apps.

    Do I need to install stock rom and upgrade patch to marshmellow or something??

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