Pixel 3 ROM for Xiaomi Mi 8! [FULL Conversion]

Pixel 3 ROM for Xiaomi Mi 8 by XDA user ArGraur is HERE to give you FULL conversion from a real Pixel 3 firmware.  While I have installed countless custom ROMs on various different Android smartphones, this one certainly is special because it allows you to fully enjoy Pixel 3 features on a phone that costs less than half as much($420 Xiaomi Mi 8 vs. $899 Pixel 3 XL).   Now, while not EVERYTHING works but almost everything works on the Pixel 3 ROM for the Xiaomi Mi 8.

Built on the latest Pixel 3 firmware, Pixel 3 ROM gives you all of Pixel 3 software including identical navigation bar, launcher, apps, and even the ability to hide notch completely while allowing you to actually use the full horizontal space for notifications just like a Pixel 3 XL.  Of course, even things like call screening works except the robot call screening voice does not actually work when listening from the other side.  This should be fixed in future updates and this is just a beta version that came out a few days ago.  Fingerprint sensors works fast and flawless and I have had zero issues running apps.  Also you must know there is a huge bug where the whole phone will stay dark if you change the theme to Dark mode so do not change your Pixel 3 ROM’s theme to “Dark” as the only way to recover from it would be to re-install the whole ROM or do a complete factory reset.

As for camera, the ported Pixel 3 camera is not yet compatible with the Pixel 3 ROM although it works fine on MIUI or LineageOS 16 ROM.  However, the Pixel 2 Google HDR camera that it comes with works fine and I had no trouble taking some selfies around town.  Bluetooth also worked fine for me although the developer of this ROM said it didn’t but that could be due to the fact that I am using a newer firmware 8.10.25, which I suspect fixes the camera issues and bluetooth issues.  I may even experiment and install newer firmware to see if it fixes other issues with the ROM.

While I don’t recommend this ROM as daily driver, you could still certainly use it so long as you understand there are few bugs here and there that are still being worked on.  But once this ROM is perfected by the developer, you can just buy the Xiaomi Mi 8 over the Pixel 3 XL and pretty much have the exact same software features and yes, both Mi 8 and Pixel 3/3XL share the same identical camera sensor!  The only features you would lose out by buying the Xiaomi Mi 8 would be stereo speakers and IP68 rating.  Both Pixel 3 XL and Mi 8 have AMOLED screens that are on par with each other.

If you want to install it, it is 100% identical as installing LineageOS 16 ROM, except you MUST install DM No Verify ZIP file after installing the Pixel 3 ROM, you can follow my full written tutorial here on How to Install Android 9.0 Pie ROM on Xiaomi Mi 8!

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