Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus! [Android 8.1 Oreo + Root]

Want the latest and greatest Android 8.1 Oreo with root on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus without the TouchWiz additives from Sammy?  Well, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are the best supported devices for AOSP ROMs(What is AOSP?) like LineageOS or Resurrection Remix ROM.  I was skeptical myself, as I have been flashing AOSP ROMs for Galaxy devices for over 7 years and most of the time, these custom ROMs are full of bugs in the first few months.  Well, I was wrong, EVERYTHING is nearly flawless out of the box with the Resurrection Remix ROM(thanks to flawless LineageOS ROM base).  If you don’t like TouchWiz, this is probably the best way to convert your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus into a full-fledged pure Android device like Pixel phones.

Performance is out of the world with the Resurrection Remix ROM along with extended battery life.  If you didn’t care about anything else but you wanted the fastest software running on your S9 or S9 Plus with better battery life than stock, the Resurrection Remix ROM will satisfy your thirst.  Based on latest Android 8.1 Oreo, Resurrection Remix ROM strips everything Samsung out of your S9/S9 Plus and replaces with fast pure Android counterparts.   Of course, you will lose any Samsung dependent apps or any Samsung apps that require TouchWiz firmware.  So, before you install this custom ROM, know that this is going to totally change your S9/S9 Plus (for the better).   Also, once you install custom ROM, you will lose Samsung Pay forever but you can still use Google Pay using Magisk Root.  This ROM does not support official Magisk versions out of the box but you can use the modified version of Magisk, which works 100% flawless and you will be able to hide root normally.

Resurrection Remix ROM also offers you a slew of customizations you can apply to your phone such as customizing your status bar, clock position, add weather widget to lockscreen, navigation bar, and much much more.  Since you have no more Edge panels, you can go with its gesture customization that includes Edge gestures, Gesture Anywhere(my favorite), App Circle Bar, or PIE controls.  There are also dozens of great PIE controls you can use instead of Edge panels.

Installation is pretty straight-forward if you already have TWRP recovery installed.   You will also need to have at least BRE5 vendor installed, if your firmware ends in “BRE5” or later(alphabetically), you should be good to go.  I was on the latest firmware when I installed it on mine and worked out of the box.

Supported models of Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus:

  • Galaxy S9 – SM-G960F, SM-G960F/DS, Korean SM-G960N
  • Galaxy S9 Plus – SM-G965F, SM-G965F/DS, Korean SM-G965N


Download Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S9 – Link

Download Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S9 Plus – Link

Download Android 8.1 GappsDirect Link

Download Modified Magisk for Resurrection Remix – Link

Installation Instructions:

Step 1. You will have to have TWRP recovery installed.  If you have not rooted your S9/S9 Plus yet or never installed a custom ROM, please follow How to Install Custom ROM using TWRP on Any Android!

Step 2. When installing the ROM in TWRP, do a factory reset, simply install the ROM zip file, followed by the Android 8.1 Gapps and modified Magisk then reboot.

Step 3. If you want to get Google HDR+ camera, grab this Google HDR+ Camera for Galaxy S9.  HDR+ mode works better than stock Samsung S9 camera so you should see better photos with this camera.  Portrait mode camera is not working yet but I should have an update when it does.


coming soon.

Credits – XDA

29 Responses

  1. Innocent Kimaro says:

    Hey Max i Have galaxy s8+ exynos can i install this resurrection rom

  2. Innocent Kimaro says:

    Max i really want an aosp rom for my Galaxy S8+ especially this Resurrection rom

  3. Cesar Antonio Villar says:

    Hey Max, Like this rom but my camera is not actually working with it.

  4. dopplerfpv says:

    is there any way to install Stock Camera on custom ROMs please help :_(

  5. ppk says:

    my camera is not working either… please help!!!

  6. JJZ says:

    hey max i just root my g9650, and failed that. I just recover my system. I wonder whether i need to wait for 7days if i want to root my g9650,

  7. Kim JI HYEON says:

    G965NKT 한국어 모델을 가지고 있습니다
    이롬을 올리면 서비스 지역을 벗어났다구 나옵니다
    혹시 해결 방안을 아십니까??
    정말 좋아하는 롬이지만 올리지 못해서 너무나 슬프네요

  8. rakesh ronn says:

    i tried to install lineage os my samsung s9plus exynos version but stuck on booting.Now I’m not able to flash stock from odin.Please help from this…

  9. ılyas says:

    installed it om a s9+. all is fine. except for the camera. Tried different cameras. all have the same issue. Blackscreen. Sometimes the message ” camera has stopped” please help. tried everything and searched the net for a answer. clearing cache, restarting even, reinstalling the rom dont help. Remix seems like a great rom, except for the camera issue. installed gapps pico and mini versions, do i need more gapss , like stock or higher? Somebody any working answer?
    phone is a samsung galaxy s9 plus international dual sim version.

    • JET says:

      Same exact problem. I tried Footej camera app as well. Same exact symptoms. I’ll let you know if I find a fix. Though, judging the symptoms, I do not think switching the camera app is going to change anything.

  10. H says:

    Followed instructions on how to install this ROM, once i pressed Reboot the phone is now stuck at the “Samsung Galaxy S9 – Secured by Knox” screen and will not do anything. Advice? Help? 🙁 Phone is SM-G965F

  11. Dimitri Schneider says:

    I followed your guide step by step. At first I only rootet my s9 with Magistk, then the phone started freezing an lockscreen after letting it sit for a while. So i decidet to install this custom ROM and now i am Stuck on the Galaxy S9 Startupscreen (it does not even try to boot). I am able to get into TWRP and download mode. I alredy tried to install linage os, same Problem. I also tried to recover via Odin, but Odin got stuck(at least nothing seems to happen as soon as it tries to flash stock recovery.
    Need help plz.

  12. Bruno says:

    Working in Snapdragon?

  13. Pieter says:

    Hi I bought a used s9+ but it has Andriod 7.0 and shows model number SM-g9600 and its duel sim
    I want just stock s9+ rom but Im from South Africa
    I tried a factory reset but when I press volume up + bixy + power button , I get a boot Menu

    Help please

    • LDP12 says:

      Once you have booted into stock recovery use volume buttons to scroll down to wipe/factory reset, *this will wipe your phone*, press power button to confirm. If you want to flash stock rom, flash with odin with S9+ in download mode (Volume down + Bixby + Power).

  14. Carlos says:

    Hello friend can I install this rom on my s9 + snapdragon?

  15. Kanin says:

    Hello, i have BRF5 ending. Shouldn’t this be “alphabetically” later or am I missing something? (Camera not working)

  16. Ivan metschies says:

    Hola Max lee haras una ROM para s9 plus con Snapdragon sm G9650??? Gracias. O me pasas un link para descargar?.

  17. Daniel Hericles says:

    Não ligou ele só ficou iniciando direto

  18. Shahariyar says:

    Bro My Samsung goinfg to bootloop????

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