How to Fix Magisk “Response is Invalid” Error & Pass SafetyNet! [Android Root]

If you are not passing SafetyNet recently or getting the error, “The response is invalid”,  there’s a few ways you can fix it and pass SafetyNet check.  Earlier this month, Google has updated their SafetyNet protocol with SafetyNet Attestation API, which means that developer of apps must get a private key and also gets a “limit” on how many times they can use the API.  In layman’s words, this means that after a certain number of API requests(or people checking SafetyNet on Magisk Manager app), it will give the response, “The response is invalid”.  Now, this DOES NOT mean your Android device does not pass SafetyNet.  It simply means SafetyNet must be checked using other methods.

There is another app called SafetyNet Helper Sample, which you can currently use to check for SafetyNet on your Android device.  Try that first but that app may also get limited by Google’s API soon.  If you cannot check SafetyNet using that app, you can also run Pokemon Go app and if you Android device runs Pokemon Go without errors, that means your Android device passes SafetyNet.

But before you run Pokemon Go app, please do the following things:

  1. Make sure to delete the folder “MagiskManager” in your root directory.  If it does not existed, you are good to go!
  2. Make sure you hide the app Pokemon Go in Magisk Manager.
  3. Also make sure to hide Magisk Manager app itself by going to Settings->Hide Magisk Manager

AFTER doing those things, run Pokemon Go.  If you get no errors, that means you pass SafetyNet.

One more note, if using the app to check for SafetyNet, you must “restore” your Magisk Manager app if you hid it before.  Otherwise you won’t be able to check for SafetyNet.

For those of you trying to play Fornite or Pokemon Go on a rooted Android, this should help!  Following these simple tips should allow you to check for SafetyNet easily and quickly so try it and do let me know how it goes for you!


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