LG V40 vs LG G7 vs LG V30 vs Note 9 Which Has the Loudest Sound?

LG V40 vs LG G7 vs LG V30 vs Note 9 Which Has the Loudest Sound?

In today’s test, we take the LG V40 and LG G7’s Boombox sound against the LG V30 and the Galaxy Note 9 to see which has the loudest sound. Also, use headphones or desktop speakers to listen to the difference in bass. The LG V40/G7 have VERY awesome bass when placed on top of a big box. But Note 9 has much better stereo sound if you are more acoustic type but bass heads will appreciate LG V40 or G7 more.

Sound level results when held in hand:

LG V40 – 102.8dB
LG G7 – 107.2dB
LG V30 – 98.4dB
Galaxy Note 9 – 97.2dB

Sound level results when placed on a box:

LG V40 – 104.2dB
LG G7 – 106.8dB
LG V30 – 100dB
Galaxy Note 9 – 99.2dB

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