Pixel 3 Camera on Pocophone F1 Improves Low-Light Performance by 10X!

For those of you who own a Xiaomi Pocophone F1, you are in luck as XDA user Sreekantt has released a fully-working Pixel 3 Camera APK for the Pocophone F1.  I did a quick test during the day and it didn’t make a huge difference in comparison to native Pocophone camera.  But where it made a HUGE improvement was in low-light situations.  Since the Pocophone F1 does NOT have OIS(Optical Image Stabilization), the camera performance at night is subpar and you will end up with a lot of blurry photos.  Upon trying the Pixel 3 Camera app on my Pocophone F1 using the Google HDR+ Enhanced mode, it made all of my night photos clear and sharp as if the camera had OIS!

While previous Google HDR+ camera was pretty good, the new Pixel 3 camera is even better.  The HDR+ Enhanced mode on the Pixel 3 camera stitches up multiple exposures and aligns them to bring your crisp and clear photos and this certainly means that now you can take great low-light photos with the $300 Pocophone F1.  I was simply amazed by the results and in fact, the performance in low-light may be better than the much more expensive Xiaomi Mi8 camera, which has OIS but same camera/sensor combo.

If you have a Pocophone F1, definitely give this Pixel 3 Camera a try.

Credits – XDA

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