World’s FASTEST Android Smartphone! Galaxy S10 vs. Overclocked Xiaomi Mi 9 Antutu Speed Test!


In this video, we take a look at the world’s FASTEST Android smartphone today(as of August 30th 2019 in case you are watching this in the future) out of all the phones currently on the market.   We take up the Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. an overclocked Xiaomi Mi 9 to an Antutu speed test!

Now, the Xiaomi Mi 9 is running Havoc ROM along with M.O.D. kernel.  The GPU has been overclocked to 830Mhz along with F2FS filesystem and ZRAM LZ4 data encryption(double memory performance and gives apps more RAM to run).  CPU has not been overclocked yet so with CPU overclocking, it should run much faster.   This setup is great for gamers as it will allow you to load games much faster as the faster GPU processing, faster F2FS filesystem, and faster memory with ZRAM LZ4 data encryption makes everything super fast.

This is my current daily driver, the phone is faster than any other smartphone I have used.  It is super stable, also battery doesn’t actually drain unless you are playing games since the GPU only overclocks when needed and throttles down for apps that don’t use heavy graphics.

The results speak for themselves.  I should have a full tutorial on how to install this exact setup for Xiaomi Mi 9 but in the meanwhile, you can grab a brand, new Xiaomi Mi 9 on eBay, unlock the bootloader, and root it so you will be ready.


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