Android Setup Wars #2!

First Entry comes from Clue Knight who has a Lenovo Zuk Z1 who is running AOSPExtended ROM w/ Android 8.1 Oreo.  According to Clue, he uses this ROM because, “ One of the best custom ROM I have ever used because it provides a pure stock android interface running Oreo update, a good battery optimization, and superb improvements based in stock ROM.  It provides a pure stock android with one of a kind customization called the extensions, where you can tweak almost anything.”

He is using FlightLite app to get minimalist icons because it’s easy on the eyes and not so catchy.  He is also using KWGT Kustom Widget Maker , “a very nice approach for customizing your own widget and calling it your own design. He is also using YOUTUBE VANCED for lock screen playback, black UI,  and no ads.

Lastly but not least, he has added Dolby Atmos using the Oreo port to improve his sound using DOLBY ATMOS that can improve audio for your liking it can even provide a good quality audio for generic earphones.

Second entry comes from Theobose, who has a Zuk Z2, using AEX 6.0 Android 9.0 Pie custom ROM with Nameless kernel.   He is using a different virtual memory configuration to optimize for Fortnite. Other mods, include Pixel 3 Camera mod, Viper4Android Audio Mod using Magisk, YouTube Vacned,

Third entry comes from Ivaylo, who has a Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920F running the Ultimate Nougat Galaxy S8 Port ROM which comes with dual stereo speakers, working fingerprint/S-Health, and has customized launcher with working AOD, inifiinity wall papers, edge papels, and all the features of Galaxy S8 on the S6.

He is using a dark theme to save battery life on its AMOLED screen, Aldeon kernel, divine beats that has transformed his $20 headphones to $100 ones, and Chrooma keyboard pro app.

Fourth entry comes from Aditya Nair, who has a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 running Arrow OS Android 9.0 Pie ROM.  He uses kernel auditor app to underclock the big cores from 1.8Ghz to 1.6Ghz to save battery life. Also he uses Nova Launcher Prime for launcher along with Minty Icon Pack Pro.   The phone is rooted with Magisk along with YouTube Vanced, Viper4Arise and Dolby Digital.

Fifth entry comes from Rick in Netherlands, “I wanted the quality of photo’s from the Google Pixel phones, especially because of the HDR+. But I wanted a wide-angle lens which can be found on the LG V30+. I was already familiar with the Google camera apk’s. I also love the stock Android OS from the pixel and absolutly hated the Android skin from the lg V30+. I accepted the challange to change the LG V30+ into a google pixel phone.”

Rick has managed to grab a used V30+ for 341 USD and has installed a bunch of apps to convert the UI into Pixel as much as possible using Nova Launcher Prime, Pixel 2 Theme Application app, Package disable for LG application(which he says made the phone much faster without LG nonsense), Pixel 2 live wallpapers, Nova google companion that allows him to enable Google Now feed in his home screen, Google dialer/clock/calculator/messages app, Pixel icon pack, and Google keyboard to really get rid of all LG UI.

And of course, he is using a Google Camera APK with wide angle support to make his photos have much better processing.

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