AT&T Galaxy S2 Root, Overclock, and ROMs!

It’s only been nearly a week since I’ve picked up a brand, new AT&T version of Galaxy S2 but I was able to get a lot of things groovin’ such as root, overclocking, and already installed several custom ROMs. ¬†They work flawlessly on the AT&T version so there’s nothing holding you back from getting the best of what open source has to offer.

Here’s some of the best from the latest rootin’ lootin’ for the AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777:

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  1. Jensen Mathews says:

    Hi Max,

    Great website dude! I have to ask what is the best ROM for a galaxy s2 I am a newb my Galaxy s2 3 days old. My Galaxy s2 I think is the international version because its from the UK. So I am looking for a ROM that improves battery life and performance and has no bloatware…can’t get rid of the bloatware as easily as in your AT&T vids as there is no option to uninstall.

    Also should look out for anything specific when installing a ROM for the phone like the current kernel and OS version I have heard in other videos that modem version is important…any advise. – J

  2. Derek says:

    I just want to say that your videos for rooting the AT&T galaxy s2 are awsome. i rooted my phone and it is the best thing i have done with my phone thank you man

  3. berry says:

    hello there, i am new to this android stuffs and just got myself a galaxy s2 i727…… and i would love to root the phone…. you really convinced me. i watched couples of your videos and they were great man…. could you show me the safest and best way to root my samsung galaxy s2 i727… it is running on gingerbread 2.3.6

  4. Al J says:

    Hey There. So I’m kinda new at rooting but have been repairing electronics for about 20 years. I recently rooted my S2 and was successful with Jedi Mind Trick. I attempted to relocate these files here but all the stuff for the T989 seems to have disappeared. I am noticing a whole bunch of problems after the update T-Mobile did recently and have been unsuccessful rooting three other phones but using exact same files. Am I doing something wrong and can I reflash a stock from without bricking my phone??Help is appreciated. Thanks.

    • Max Lee says:

      you can always use odin to flash stock firmware and get phone in normal working order very easy to do.

      • Al J says:

        Thanks Max. I have watched a bunch of your videos and they are super informative. I have also liked your fb page and signed up for the newsletter.

        Status Update. The phone I am trying to flash the JBRom to continues to boot up as standard Tmobile with the Tmobile jingle, screens and everything. The Jedi Mindtrick phone is working fine but is now unrooted. How did this happen and how can I prevent it from happening again? Thanks again for your help. Much appreciation!!

  5. Rich says:


    What is the best ATT S2 ROM from a battery life perspective. I don’t really need every bell and customizing whistle, just something stable with the common apps and with tethering.

  6. Tony A. says:

    Max, Something’s wrong! I discovered you released Zedomax Epic Touch kernel v6.02 and when I try to install the zip it says (bad) failed. Then I tried to go back to v3 and my E4GT (Virgin Mobile), 4.1.2 rooted will not reboot. I have to do an Odin flash to reinstall GB 28 stock rooted from I cannot get any oc kernel to work. Please help!

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