Black Friday Android Deals 2014!


Here’s a round-up of the best Black Friday Android Deals for 2014 for those of you who want the best deals on latest flagship smartphones.

Galaxy S5 is just 1 cent with 2 year contract on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon networks on Amazon, yes cheaper than actually buying from the carriers, check it out here.  This is probably the best Black Friday deal since there’s not really any deals for the Note series like the Note 4 or Note Edge.

UPDATE: Kindle Fire Phone 32GB GSM version is only $199, not a bad deal at all, will work on GSM networks like AT&T or T-Mobile.

If you are interested in dirt-cheap tablets, check out Kindle Fire HD6 at $79 and HD7 at $109, check it out here.  There’s currently no humanly-known method of installing pure Android OS like CM11 or CM12 but we should eventually get there so just be aware, you could be stuck with Amazon OS for months.

Verizon actually has the best Black Friday deals out of all the carriers by offering free Galaxy S5 or Moto X 2nd-gen with 2 year contract.  But their best deal is on the LG G Watch, just $99!  Check out all Verizon Black Friday deals here.

Need to get a good electronic gift for your friends and family that will work for most people without costing you an arm and a leg?  Well, everyone has a smartphone these days and everyone can benefit from having an emergency USB portable charger.

Try the Tech Tribe Razor USB portable charger, which is on sale at just $21.99 on Amazon.  This USB portable charger is super-thin, comes with brushed metallic finish, emergency LED flash, and rated at whopping 10,000mAh that will recharge your smartphone 3-5 times and tablet 2-3 times.

Well, that’s all for Black Friday Android deals but if you find any really good ones not mentioned, please feel free to share with everyone else in the comments box and as always, “stay HIGH on Android!”

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