Galaxy Note 10 LEAKED by FCC!

FCC accidentally put some of the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 photos on their website.

According to the photos, Galaxy Note 10 will have no notch(as usual with Samsung thank God) and the camera seemed to be in the bezel area, not in-display like the Galaxy S10/S10 Plus.  Which I think is much better since I am always swiping over the front camera with my Galaxy S10.

Apparently, Galaxy Note 10 will NOT have a 3.5mm headphone jack, probably a huge disappointment for many of you headphone daily drivers.   I think that’s a terrible decision on Samsung’s part as the headphone jack was actually one of best Samsung’s features over hoards of other smartphone companies who have gotten rid of it.

Samsung has also changed the camera layout from horizontal to vertical, sorta like iPhone.  I don’t think camera position is such a big deal so long as they get the fingerprint sensor right.  And no, there is no rear fingerprint sensor.  My biggest complaint with my new Galaxy S10 is that the in-display fingerprint sensor is slow and useless when your hand or screen gets dirty.  Well, the Galaxy Note 10 will probably have in-display fingerprint sensor and that’s going to be really annoying for those of us who prefer fast rear-fingerprint sensors.

Not too much has changed this year with Galaxy Note 10 other than mentioned above but I am sure Samsung will announce something new and gimmicky so you can all start being hyped about it.  With that said, I do highly recommend the Galaxy Note 9 as price is now just half of the price, check out the latest prices on eBay here.

What do you think of the new Note 10?  Like or no?  Leave your thoughts in our forum, thanks!

Source – FCC

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    Taking a look at the images above, we can conclude that the Note 10 5G will feature three antennas to ensure that it can connect to the latest cellular frequencies. The phablet will also operate on the mmWave (30GHz to 300GHz) spectrum, as is shown by the module highlighted in blue in the fourth image above. Samsung’s 5G Galaxy S10 has one 4G and one 5G antenna that work together to ensure smooth connectivity in case 5G signals aren’t available.

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