Galaxy Note 7 Software HANDS ON! [IRIS scanner CONFIRMED]


Although Samsung Galaxy Note 7 official announcement is just 2 days away, we were able to try out all of the new software features of Note 7 using a ported ROM for our Galaxy S6.

Now, this is an actual “port” meaning what you see here is identical to what you will see in a real Galaxy Note 7.  For this, we install the Note 7 Port ROM called Noble ROM on our rooted Galaxy S6.  (You can also get Note 7 Port ROM for Galaxy Note 5 or Note 7 Port ROM for Galaxy S5.)

First, you will notice that it runs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.  There is no Nougat yet because Google has not officially launched it.


Samsung has revamped its Settings UI to make it simpler with sub-menus hidden.


Iris scanner option is found in Security settings which requires use of a physical IRIS scanner.  Based on the information provided by the ported ROM, it seems that IRIS scanner uses LEDs and perhaps there may be a secondary camera dedicated to scanning IRIS.


But you can clearly see that IRIS scanner is a brand, new feature on the Galaxy Note 7.


There’s also new S Bike mode, probably short for “Sports Bike” mode.  This mode gives you only the most important notifications and ignores others.


The Quick Settings Panel has gotten cleaner with option to open easily.


There is a new “UHQ upscaler”, an advanced equalizer for your headphones.  We don’t know if this actually requires the new DAC hardware on Note 7 but it’s a hint that Note 7 may come with a powerful DAC.


The new Air Command now has default options for Note, Smart Select, Screen Write, and Translate.

The new Note app has changed drastically along with option to add your voice, images, and more.

Probably an interesting feature is the “Translate”, we believe it will auto-scan your screen and translate it in real-time.  This is definitely the most promising feature with S-Pen.


And yes, don’t forget that Note 7 will have curved screen and full support for Edge Screen panels, this is identical to the one found on S7 Edge.


Camera has not changed from S7 Edge, so if you were expecting new camera features you will be disappointed.




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