In this short tutorial, I show you how to fix the DREADED STATIC screen on the LG V20 which usually happens on a V20 w/ a custom ROM while booting.  The first time this happened to me, I thought it was because of the custom ROM I was installing, maybe it was buggy or something.  Well, recently, I found a simple way to fix it and also reasons why this is happening.

Step 1. Once your phone powers on, turn off the screen by hitting the Power button then cover the top-left portion of your LG V20, where the proximity sensors are located.  Simply keep holding down for about 30 seconds until your second screen also turns off.

While still covering the proximity sensor, hit the Power key to turn on your LG V20. And your screen now should work again without static until your next reboot.

If you want to permanently fix this issue, simply turn off second screen when your main screen is off in Settings.

You can also put your LG V20 in your pocket during boot then hit the Power button after about a minute or simply have the phone face down on your desk also.  Now, while this can be annoying at the same time, I think it could be a great security feature so if your phone gets stolen, no one knows how to turn it on properly.

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