How to Unbrick/Unroot Xiaomi Android Stuck on Fastboot!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to unbrick/unroot your Xiaomi Android device stuck on fastboot.  Sometimes your Xiaomi device can get stuck on fastboot like it did several times for me on my Xiaomi Mi 9 while installing a custom ROM.  If you happen to flash the wrong stuff, this can easily happen but no worries, there’s an easy fix.

You just need to use the MiFlash tool along with compatible firmware for your Xiaomi device.

Step 1. Connect your Xiaomi device to your computer while in its stuck fastboot mode.  If you are not stuck in fastboot, you can also just put it into fastboot mode if just unrooting your device.(Volume Down + Power buttons)

Step 1. Download & install MiFlash tool on your Windows computer. – Download MiFlash

Step 2. Download & install ADB drivers for your Windows computer. – Download ADB Drivers

Step 3. Download compatible “FASTBOOT” firmware for your Xiaomi device.  Check, they have a wide selection of Xiaomi firmwares.   There are 2 different versions of the firmware, make sure you grab the fastboot version.

Step 4. Uncompress the firmware until you get the folder with actual files, you may need to uncompress twice like I showed you in my video tutorial.  You can use the free 7Zip software.

Step 5. Run the MiFlash tool, set your folder to your firmware folder.

Step 6. Click on “refresh” and make sure your Xiaomi device shows up.

Step 7. Choose “clean all”, “save user data”, or “clean all and lock”.  If you do have an unlocked bootloader and plan on keeping it that way for installing future custom ROMs, do not use “clean all and lock”.  If you need to save user data and you were on stock firmware, choose “clean all and lock”.  For most, I do recommend using “clean all”, which will wipe your device completely.

Step 7. Click on “flash”.   This should start flashing the firmware to your Xiaomi device.

Step 8. Once done, enjoy your restored stock firmware on your Xiaomi.  You should now be able to use the phone.

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