iPhone Bullies & Truth About Apple!

In this video, I show you how to deal with iPhone bullies at school or work and also reveal truth about Apple’s evil plans to keep their consumers from using other devices.

The following is script of the video:

It seems to me there’s a trend of iPhone bullies in schools these days, I saw a tweet on Twitter last night which suprised me.  It said, “Because I’m an 18 year old senior in high school who wants to be able to text and FaceTime my friends or even be in group chats without incessant complaints about the bubbles being green.  It’s not too far to say nobody gives a shit about you unless you have an iPhone.”

First off, you don’t need iPhone to text, you can use Android to text. Complaints about colors of your text is at level of pretty stupidness 1000. Okay, I just made that up but I have actually never had anyone complain about my text bubbles. In fact, I don’t know anything bubbles because Android messaging doesn’t use bubbles. The fact that y’all iPhone users complaining about color of bubbles is stupid as hell. Y’all need to stop being in your world of bubbles and be ready to embrace the world outside your bubbles.

Besides that, we are 2019, why are you still texting? I rarely text these days, I am usually using other free texting services like Hangouts, Line or KakaoTalk. Hangouts is great because I receive texts on all my phones including being able to receive text on my GMail as Hangouts is integrated. I use Line and KakaoTalk to text my friends overseas since texting internationally would cost me a ton of money.

Next time an iPhone user complains about bubbles, tell them, “Why you are even texting? You are so low tech bro. HAHAHA”. Humiliate them back so they know they are way behind in technology.

Second, there are literally a thousand different video chat apps you can use. FaceTime sucks because it only supports iPhone. FaceTime is in fact no better than any other video chat, it is only used widely because many iPhone users are lazy as a dog and do not want to install another video chat app or dumb as hell and don’t even know how to install another video chat app.

Next time an iPhone user complains about not having FaceTime, tell them, “Why you even complaining, FaceTime is for your gramma and grampa. I use Hangouts”.

I guess it is more convenience but if you are Android user and getting bullied by your friends for not having FaceTime, make them install another video chat app. Completely ignore them and give them a silent treatment next time they mention about “their inconvenience” which really translates into, “I am really really dumb” and “I am so freakin’ lazy that I refuse to install another video chat app”. These people are dicks if they want you to switch phones for a simple video chat.

If they are your real friends, they will eventually cave in and simply install another video chat app. But DO NOT LET THEM BULLY YOU, because you don’t deserve to be judged by the fact that FaceTime app isn’t available on Android.

Whereas Google Hangouts is available on both Android and iPhone. This is why I support Android, a company who is about supporting everyone not like Apple, yuck. I don’t know how you guys even support a such evil company. I personally use HangOuts app and also Line for video chat.

This is actually Apple’s fault, they like to lock you down in their little iGarden so you don’t use other smartphones. They make billions of dollar every year, they could make an Android version of Facetime in matter of few weeks. But you know why they don’t? They like to keep you inside the Apple ecosystem, they want you to keep paying for free music on iTunes, they want you to never ever get out of their system. If you ended up buying a Macbook after buying an iPhone, this is EXACTLY what they want you to do, to end up in their iGarden and spend more money on everything. Had you bought Android and a Windows computer, your lifetime savings would be around 30-50% over Apple and you would always free to choose from hundreds of different Android smartphones and hundreds of different Windows computers, instead of being stuck with 3 new iPhones per year or 10 different Macbooks per year.

As far as,“It’s not too far to say nobody gives a shit about you unless you have an iPhone.” that’s exactly the type of bullying we need to fight against as young people and as professionals in the world. No human being in the world should be judged by the type of smartphone you have. If anyone is giving you this type of vibe, think hard and think to yourself, “is this guy for real? Is this guy about iPhone ONLY”. If they keep bullying you about stupid chat bubbles or FaceTime, they are most likely stupid as hell. They probably talk like this, “OMG Girl Get That iPhone”.

It might be time to make some smarter friends. And yeah, most Android users don’t complain about text bubbles or video chat because we are smarter. We use multiple social media platforms, very few actual texting, and different video chat platforms, we are free, we are not bound by Apple’s chainlink fence.

This is exactly why I teach kids to use Android, to use multiple apps, to learn how to install apps and not be a lazy iPhone user. Thank you very muchy.

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