Monday Android News – Android Plane Hi-Jacking, Ugly Galaxy Camera, Note 2 Wifi Fix, and Galaxy S4 or HTC One?

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It seems like a lot of big news sites are cropping up false headlines like, “Android hi-jacks plane” or “Android remotely attacks planes”.  Well, that’s somewhat true but let me just point out that researchers were just using Android as the platform to develop their hi-jacking apps because Android is “open source” and you can develop highly-sophisticated apps custom to any project while you cannot do that on iOS or most other mobile platforms.   This proves the versatility and flexibility of an open source platform and Android will keep becoming better for researchers and students to learn/develop real-world applications.

Thinking about buying a Galaxy Camera?  Well, I did get to try it for few hours last time I was at the Galaxy Store in South Korea.  It’s UGLY and doesn’t fit in your pocket.   They should have made the Galaxy Camera small enough to fit in your pocket otherwise there’s no advantage in carrying a giant digital camera when you can carry a DSLR instead.  I love Samsung products but Galaxy Camera is one of my least favorites, I would wait until they come up with a better, portable design.


Also, you can see my review of Neat Receipts Scanner from couple years back here.

And poll of the day, “are you getting a Galaxy S4 or HTC One”?

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6 Responses

  1. martin says:

    I will definetly go for the Htc One. I know that htc are giving us a hard time with the htc dev method and they are loosing customers too with that, but i don’t care much, I’m using htc evo 3d right now, i also have htc legend and a htc desire v lying around and with tons of abusement, falling, overclocking and “drinking” all sorts of beverages, they didn’t had to go to be repaired so i have tons of faith on the htc hardware and i dont think i will need the warranty anyway 🙂

  2. Steve Nittolo says:

    Going with the S4, just pre-ordered the white version with Rogers here in Canada!

  3. ahmed elkady says:

    I unrooted my T-mo Note 2, restored completely to factory, flash counter and all. Then installed the (mb4) lte stock firmware. After installing I got board and flashed a few custom roms(my-rom, paranoid android, jedi-x, jedi-master, ect) to see which one felt best. After my second or so c.rom, my phones 4g would not connect no matter what other rom I installed. I unrooted, rerooted, restored to stock LJ1, then upgraded via kies to mb4 once again, no matter what I did, I couldn’t get 4g. Eventually I reset the apns, and restored to stock mb4 firmware, and flashed the stock mb4 modem and kernel, I finally got some intermittent 4g, but only after rebooting, and it only lasts a few minutes. after which the signal becomes choppy, and unstable 4bars-1bar-4bars-no bars. I was hopping you could give some of your expert advice.

    Ps wifi works

    Thank You In Advance

  4. Abdullah says:

    It says Galaxy S3 not Galaxy S4 ! 🙂

  5. Yndi Halda says:

    I would like too go for the s4 but I like the stylus very much so im waiting for the galaxy note 3! 🙂

  6. Robin P says:

    No way I would support HTC with my dollars even if I get my phone for free! I will be going for an SGS 4 when my contract allows an upgrade. I get my phones for “free” meaning no out of pocket cost to purchase the phone. Obviously, I am still paying through my 2 year contract. But it’s less painful that way.

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