OnePlus Two Invites are HERE!


This morning I got up and found that the OnePlus Two invites are HERE!   If you have been following since last year, you may remember how OnePlus One invite system sucked.  Well, this year, the invite system is a bit different.  For those of you who sign up early, you will be able to get your hands on the OnePlus Two simply by signing up.

Why get the OnePlus Two?

I feel like the OnePlus One was definitely the best Android budget device for last 12 months.  Compared to other devices like Zenfone 2 and Idol 3 which are similarly priced, the OnePlus One definitely beats them all, especially if you are into rooting and custom ROMs.

In fact, I feel like OnePlus One was the “Nexus” device as it’s half the price of Nexus 6 with much of the same software features plus same Sony camera.  Of course, Nexus 6 did have a higher resolution 1440P screen and dual speakers but I think the price was simply too high.

If OnePlus Two is priced right around $349 for 64GB like last year, I am betting it’s definitely going to be my favorite budget Android device (that can also keep up with flagship devices).  So, definitely sign up for the OnePlus Two by using the link below and also help me get to the front of the line so I can do an unboxing/review for you guys as quickly as humanly possible (THANKS!).

Sign up for OnePlus Two here:

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