T-Mobile 4G LTE Bands Not Working on Exynos Galaxy S9/S9+!

It seems like Samsung has made some changes to the international Exynos Galaxy S9/S9+ and not all T-Mobile 4G LTE bands are supported this year unlike previous Galaxy phones. AT&T is not affected but if you are on T-Mobile, just know you may get stuck on HSPA+ most of the time if you buy the international Exynos Galaxy S9/S9+ models.

Update: The issue has been fully fixed after doing a software update, it was an early bug that is fixed easily with software update.  4G LTE works great now and picking up 4G+ signals also, please disregard this post thanks.

Affected models:
SM-G960F, SM-G960FD, SM-G960F/DS
SM-G965F, SM-G965FD, SM-G965F/DS

A good alternative is any previous Galaxy international models like the Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, and S7 Edge, they all support T-Mobile 4G bands fine.


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  1. Luke says:

    Hey, so I have been watching your videos on the exynos S9+ and I was thinking about getting one. Have you managed to figure out the connection to t mobile? If you could let me know if it fixed itself or what you did to fix it that would be much appreciated. Also I have read that the 4G connection speeds are throttled even by those that did get 4G, has this been addressed?

  2. Rk says:

    I did the software update but I don’t see LTE as an option in network mode. I only see 4g/3g/2g and I am not getting LTE. Any help would be appreciated

  3. Robert says:

    Hi, I tried connecting my Galaxy s9+ (exynos version) to T-mobile and I am only getting speeds of 1mb/s. For some reason it isn’t connecting to LTE. Do you know if there is anything that I could do to fix it?

  4. shrikant says:

    I have S9+ ds965 ds international version. I use T Mobile and do not see the LTE signal, all i see is the 4G, where the voice / signal is poor. It works fine when i change it to 2G/3G in setting. Also do not see VOLTE option / WIFI Calling. Have already updated to latest version of firmware.

  5. Binny says:

    Hellp m also having 4g issue on my s9 plus and ihv checked the software update well i have no update yet so is there any way to fix this issue

  6. Joe Riddell says:

    I guess your not looking at this post anymore? I want to buy the SM-G965F/DS but we are in a 600mhz Band 71 area in the US.
    Thinking it won’t be a smart buy. Any advice?

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