Verizon Launches Samsung Stratosphere, OMG So OG!

Verizon launches Samsung Stratosphere, the first 4G LTE phone on Verizon with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

What do we think?

It’s a good phone with a 4G LTE modem and a keyboard (that’s nearly identical to OG Epic 4G from LAST YEAR), but other than that, there’s nothing great about it.

It comes with a “laggy” 1Ghz single-core processor and specs pretty much identical to OG Epic 4G. ┬áThe worst part is the pricing, it’s introduced at $199 with 2 year contract.

For just a penny, you can get the better/faster Droid Bionic from Amazon.

We expect for this new Samsung Stratosphere drop to near nothing when Nexus Prime launches, so if you really want this phone, get it then (or just get the Nexus Prime goddamit).

We think this phone should have just been locked in the basement of Verizon’s corporate headquarters, it’s just going to flood the market with another useless/crappy phone.

What do you think?

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