What is Android GSI?

In today’s video, I explain in layman’s words “what is Android GSI?”

GSI is basically Generic System Image that can be installed on ANY Android device running Android 9.0 or higher.(or phones that came out with Android 9 or higher) These newer Android phones all support Project Treble and can flash a GSI. Now, the problem is that flashing GSI isn’t all that easy and requires a meticulous, special method for each brand of Android smartphone. In fact, installing GSI is probably harder than getting the hottest girl in your class to a date. Even Google’s own Pixel smartphones have different methods of installing for each of the Pixel phones. E.g. Pixel 2 GSI installation method is completely different from Pixel 3 & 4.

While Google has tried to really bring new way of allowing older phones to upgrade to the latest Android OS, they did not give everyone a backward-compatible method of installing GSI, thus causing massive headaches and sleepless nights for Android developers. It is a big giant mess out there but once we can figure out how to flash GSI and make it boot for an Android device, the good news is that you can flash all of the GSI out there already and make your phone super, duper fast.

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